Network Marketing in the B Quadrant in Today’s Economy

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Robert Kiyosaki's explanation of how to achieve financial independence "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" has now become a classic read. His follow-up book "Rich Dad's Cash Flow Quadrant gives an excellent breakdown of how to look at business as a vehicle to obtain wealth and freedom. If you are serious about building a MLM or network marketing business this book is a must read. In today's economy it is more important than ever to be in some form of business. Even as a part-time business owner you will enjoy the benefits that many think only go to big business. The tax laws apply to all size businesses from the one person operation to the Fortune 500 corporation. The only difference is the size of the accounting team that maximizes allowable deductions.…
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#Hashtags in your network marketing success revisited

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Some time ago I posted about Twitter hashtags in "Twitter Hashtags and Your Network Marketing Success". Since then hashtags have become a vital part of being found in social media search results. For 2012, the American Dialect Society crowned ‘hashtag’ the word of the year and one couple actually names their child Hashtag. So you can see since my first posting that hashtags are here to stay and you need to be taking advantage of them now. Hashtags are an easy way for Twitter users to categorize Tweets that share a common topic or belong to a particular group such as MLM or NetworkMarketing. Notice there is n spacing in a hashtag term. The hashtag is used to highlight keywords or topics within a Twitter tweet, and can be placed…
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Robert Kiyosaki Network Marketing Education and Motivation

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I had been working in network marketing for some years when Robert Kiyosaki's best-selling book "Rich Dad, Poor" hit the scene in 2000. However, the book was self published in the year 1997, the same year I started in network marketing.  It was an instant success once people started reading the book and remains in the top of many best-selling books lists today. The subtitle of this book tells it all "What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money--That the Poor and the Middle Class Do Not!" The book received much praise but was not without criticism. The teachings in this book go against what most people in America were raised to believe. Going against 19th century thinking was uncomfortable for many. I personally introduced the book to close friends…
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How to Become a Network Marketing Pro

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To become a network marketing pro you must first decide to treat your MLM opportunity like a business. Every business person wants to be successful and that means laying it all out on the line. People who open businesses do not stick their toe in it or "give it a try", leave that for bowling or horseshoes. You must make a decision that you will dedicate time and effort necessary to get your business off the ground. Even on a part-time basis in the beginning. To become a network marketing pro you must put all distractions aside. Does that mean neglect your family or loved ones? No, it means that if you are serious about building a real business then all available resources must be allocated to the business of…
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Content of character and MLM, a level playing field

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This being the birthday of Martin Luther King as well as the second inauguration of President Obama many have been given the day off. It is a day that gives us the time and a lot to reflect upon. What comes to mind for me is being "judged by the content of character" and I have not found a place where this is more true than in MLM and network marketing. If you have spent any time around a direct sales organization, the diversity of that group is stunningly obvious. The second thing you may notice is how happy people are and how everyone works together for the advancement of all. In a past post "President Bill Clinton and network marketing", the ex-president pointed out that out over 300,000 networkers…
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