Branding yourself for MLM success

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In direct sales, MLM and network marketing, people seek out opportunities and leaders who can show them the way. A strong tool for attracting people who are seeking leaders is to brand yourself as a leader in the industry. You may be thinking you are not a leader or what do you have to offer that would attract others. The answer to that you can figure out on your own but, I can assure you there is something in your experience that you can capitalize on and promote as your value to others. You may have to take some time and review your experiences and the knowledge you gained from past jobs, military experience or sports. If you do some soul-searching I am sure you will find some value that…
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Aweber marketing training for MLM success

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From time to time I read marketing emails from my auto-responder company Aweber.  Till today I have taken for granted the value of their marketing advice and education. I learned a valuable tip about the emails I send out and thought how many people would benefit from the lessons taught in the Aweber marketing lessons. If you are serious about building a direct sales or network marketing business you should be using an auto responder to build a list of those who have shown interest in your MLM business and what you have to offer. Aweber offers live webinars, video training and access to their huge knowledge base. Aweber is a very strong follow-up tool in building your MLM business. Aweber is easy to use and you could just get…
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Traffic exchanges for MLM and Network marketing success

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In a previous post titled "Will List Jumper work for building a network marketing business?" I was experimenting with a traffic exchange called List Jumper. Years ago when I had more time on my hands I used to drive traffic to various online selling sites I owned with traffic exchanges. Some traffic exchanges were good, some were not so good. The major challenge with traffic exchanges is that to get your website displayed in rotation to other viewers, you have to click links in emails and view the websites of other members. It took a lot of time in a day to click through and the return really was not there for me. Years later while promoting my MLM business I took another look at traffic exchanges and gave List…
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Over 40,000 Twitter Tweets for Network Marketing Success

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Today was a milestone for My Twitter account just went past 40,000 tweets today. It took about 18 months to accomplish this. Now did I sit around a computer for 18 months tweeting? No. I used a tool which not only did the tweeting for me day and night, seven days a week, it also found targeted followers for me. The tool is Tweetadder. If you should decide to use this tool, there are some cautions you should keep in mind. First you can load up a que with unlimited tweets to go out 24/7 or on a schedule you set. Be sure to have enough tweets in the file so that you are not repeating tweets throughout the day. This will get your account suspended for spamming in…
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Using Alt Text for network marketing success

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If you are blogging for network marketing success, are you taking advantage of the built-in SEO benefits of alternate text for images displayed in your postings? If not make sure you start doing so immediately. If you are using the Word Press platform to blog, make sure that you use images and make sure you identify yourself in the Alt Text box provided in the media upload module. As you can see to the right there is a tab on the upper left hand side of your posting editor. When you click the ad media tag you will be taken to the a page which allows you to upload your image to your blog's media library as shown below. Just pick the image desired from your computer's pictures.    …
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