Stay the course for network marketing success

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I get a lot of questions from marketers about how to be successful in MLM or network marketing. A lot of those questions are not specific such as how do I invite to a meeting or how do I get a phone number from a stranger, they are more generic like why have I not had success with network marketing? That is an invitation for me to ask some questions myself. One of the first questions I like to ask is why did you pick this company or opportunity to work with or what do you like best about your opportunity. It is amazing how may people can not give a clear, concise answer to those questions. A major reason for that is that most people appear to be working…
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Branding yourself for MLM success

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In direct sales, MLM and network marketing, people seek out opportunities and leaders who can show them the way. A strong tool for attracting people who are seeking leaders is to brand yourself as a leader in the industry. You may be thinking you are not a leader or what do you have to offer that would attract others. The answer to that you can figure out on your own but, I can assure you there is something in your experience that you can capitalize on and promote as your value to others. You may have to take some time and review your experiences and the knowledge you gained from past jobs, military experience or sports. If you do some soul-searching I am sure you will find some value that…
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How to lead in MLM and network marketing

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I do not believe there are natural-born leaders, especially in network marketing, direct sales or multilevel marketing. Some people may appear to be natural-born leaders on the surface but we all came into this world the same as a blank sheet of paper. Admittedly those who were raised by a leader have a head start on those who may not have been. There are certain activities which will contribute to leadership skills such as organized sports or student organizations. Some people learn leadership skills in the military. Regardless of how a person picks up leadership traits they all had to first of all learn how to be good followers. That is a universal law and it certainly applies to leadership in direct sales. Network marketing is a business of duplication…
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The best time for network marketing success?

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It is always a good time for network marketing success. However, in today's uncertain economy, more people are searching for alternative sources of income and back-up plans for their job that may not be there tomorrow. If approached correctly, a lot more people are open to extra part-time or spare-time income than ever before. As always the important thing is to find out what is important in your prospect's mind. People are only concerned with what is in it for themselves. So, it is important to take time and learn more about your potential recruit to ensure your network marketing success. Ask open ended questions and follow through on their answers. For example, rather than ask would you like to make some extra money in your spare time, ask how…
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Upline or downline for network marketing success

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If you have spent much time around direct sales, MLM or network marketing you have probably heard the half joke about not needing a upline but needing a downline for network marketing success. I call it a half joke because it is half true. Real success in MLM comes from having a downline that is productive and growing. However, it is a good upline that makes that possible through training, mentoring and inspiring motivation. From time to time I hear complaints about unresponsive or inactive uplines from marketers. Keep in mind that an upline who may not be fully engaged in the business probably has a successful upline above. That makes his or her upline your upline. Good leaders are always looking deep in their hierarchy for talent and ambition.…
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