New Years Success in Network Marketing

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This is the time to look back on last year's results in your network marketing business. Are you satisfied with the growth you experienced? If not, what is your plan of action for 2014? In life we can always make change for the better, but what better time than the beginning of a new year? If you have not yet taken the time to reflect on the results of the past 12 months then take this time to do so. QUESTIONS TO ASK Where was the size of my team at the start of 2013 How much money did my MLM business make in 2013 What would I change in last year's business if I could Did I do as much as I could have last year to grow my…
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Tom Hopkins and your network marketing success

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I come from a background of sales. I started working in real estate and within a year of struggling moved on to automotive retail sales. I spent twelve years in that business before becoming a full-time network marketer. It was only what I learned in the car business that allowed me to become a full-time direct seller. In my first couple of months I had a slow start but realized it had to be me since the old timers were selling like clockwork. To me as a newbie it looked like they were performing magic or casting spells on their customers. Someone recommended I attend a training seminar that was going to be held in the next state. I learn a lot in that one day class and even bought…
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Aweber marketing training for MLM success

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From time to time I read marketing emails from my auto-responder company Aweber.  Till today I have taken for granted the value of their marketing advice and education. I learned a valuable tip about the emails I send out and thought how many people would benefit from the lessons taught in the Aweber marketing lessons. If you are serious about building a direct sales or network marketing business you should be using an auto responder to build a list of those who have shown interest in your MLM business and what you have to offer. Aweber offers live webinars, video training and access to their huge knowledge base. Aweber is a very strong follow-up tool in building your MLM business. Aweber is easy to use and you could just get…
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Traffic exchanges for MLM and Network marketing success

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In a previous post titled "Will List Jumper work for building a network marketing business?" I was experimenting with a traffic exchange called List Jumper. Years ago when I had more time on my hands I used to drive traffic to various online selling sites I owned with traffic exchanges. Some traffic exchanges were good, some were not so good. The major challenge with traffic exchanges is that to get your website displayed in rotation to other viewers, you have to click links in emails and view the websites of other members. It took a lot of time in a day to click through and the return really was not there for me. Years later while promoting my MLM business I took another look at traffic exchanges and gave List…
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How to lead in MLM and network marketing

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I do not believe there are natural-born leaders, especially in network marketing, direct sales or multilevel marketing. Some people may appear to be natural-born leaders on the surface but we all came into this world the same as a blank sheet of paper. Admittedly those who were raised by a leader have a head start on those who may not have been. There are certain activities which will contribute to leadership skills such as organized sports or student organizations. Some people learn leadership skills in the military. Regardless of how a person picks up leadership traits they all had to first of all learn how to be good followers. That is a universal law and it certainly applies to leadership in direct sales. Network marketing is a business of duplication…
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