The best time for network marketing success?

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It is always a good time for network marketing success. However, in today's uncertain economy, more people are searching for alternative sources of income and back-up plans for their job that may not be there tomorrow. If approached correctly, a lot more people are open to extra part-time or spare-time income than ever before. As always the important thing is to find out what is important in your prospect's mind. People are only concerned with what is in it for themselves. So, it is important to take time and learn more about your potential recruit to ensure your network marketing success. Ask open ended questions and follow through on their answers. For example, rather than ask would you like to make some extra money in your spare time, ask how…
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A Millionaire mind for MLM success

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I received a lot of response to a past post about T. Harv Eker. A lot of you asked what I meant about the Millionaire Mind Intensive being pretty heavy. So, I have posted a video by T Harv Eker explaining in his own words what the Millionaire Mind Intensive is all about. The reason I call it heavy is because I have been to many seminars over the years and although many are informative and educational and somewhat motivating, few leave a lasting impression that will have you thinking days and weeks later about what you learned.  Maybe experienced is a better word than learned. But, if you ever get to attend a MMI you will learn more about yourself than about actual money or millionaires. Money issues good…
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Millionaire Mind for Network Marketers

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I was just re-reading a report by T. Harv Eker it makes a huge difference in business because it makes a huge difference in thinking. Years ago I read Harv's book, "Secrets of the Millionaire Mind" and shortly thereafter took a team to California to attend a three day weekend in his Millionaire Mind Intensive. It was pretty heavy stuff . He helped people take a look at how their inner thinking had designed their outer world. This is not a pleasant task for a lot of people and many did not complete the weekend experience. As I have pointed out many times here, our inner picture of ourselves and how the world works is on display in our day to day life and environment. ON A LIGHTER NOTE What…
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Network marketing, direct sales and retail store closings

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I recently read an article "The 8 Retailers That Will Shut Down This Year" at Business Insider and did not give it too much thought until I went to Barnes and Noble this past weekend only to find it was shut down. It also happens to be in the same center as Best Buy which is also scheduled to close doors this year. Best Buy has complained for some time that people use them as a display showroom only to go home and make online purchases of the exact products they were holding in their hands at the store. We have recently saw Borders, Circuit City and others close their doors. Technology was the death of Tower Records. Some of what used to be the most solid and iconic retailers…
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Network Marketing in the B Quadrant in Today’s Economy

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Robert Kiyosaki's explanation of how to achieve financial independence "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" has now become a classic read. His follow-up book "Rich Dad's Cash Flow Quadrant gives an excellent breakdown of how to look at business as a vehicle to obtain wealth and freedom. If you are serious about building a MLM or network marketing business this book is a must read. In today's economy it is more important than ever to be in some form of business. Even as a part-time business owner you will enjoy the benefits that many think only go to big business. The tax laws apply to all size businesses from the one person operation to the Fortune 500 corporation. The only difference is the size of the accounting team that maximizes allowable deductions.…
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