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Tom Hopkins and your network marketing success

Tom Hopkins Sales Training www/AskJimmyJohnson.comI come from a background of sales. I started working in real estate and within a year of struggling moved on to automotive retail sales. I spent twelve years in that business before becoming a full-time network marketer. It was only what I learned in the car business that allowed me to become a full-time direct seller. In my first couple of months I had a slow start but realized it had to be me since the old timers were selling like clockwork. To me as a newbie it looked like they were performing magic or casting spells on their customers. Someone recommended I attend a training seminar that was going to be held in the next state. I learn a lot in that one day class and even bought the gentleman’s cassettes, yes cassettes. The most important thing I learned that day was that sales was both an art and a science. Once I realized that great salespeople were not born but could actually become skilled through right training, I became a student of sales. That was a great investment in myself, because I not only soared in sales and income, later in my career I was in positions to train other salespeople. Seeing others become successful in automotive sales was the greatest payoff to me. One of those people within sixteen years actually retired with over one million dollars saved.

That is why to this day, I am a strong believer in sales education and self-improvement. It was my ability to not only sale but also teach others basic selling skills that allowed me to become full-time in network marketing back in 1998. One of my favorite sales trainers is Tom Hopkins. Tom also got off to a slow start in real estate as a 19 year old but within a year was one of the top listing agents in California. He also was introduced to sales training by the grand father of modern-day selling, J. Douglas Edwards. Tom not only became a student of sales and actually wrote the sales curriculum for a major real estate sales franchise company, but Mr. Edwards passed the baton on to Tom upon his retirement. Today Tom Hopkins leads the field in training sales people across the country and around the world. It was my exposure to Tom, thanks to a car company I was working for that took my selling career to a whole new level.

The thing I like best about reading Tom’s books and listening to his audios is that he makes the selling process as simple as it gets. Tom pushes practicing, drilling and rehearsing and that is what separates that Pros from the Wanna Be’s. I have recommended Tom’s materials to man over the years and those who applied themselves and the skills they learned have had very successful careers. This is true for those who work in network marketing or direct sales. Today I am suggesting that anybody who wants to take their network marketing business to the next level should start with themselves and make the investment to get better. Remember the old saying, don’t wish it would get easier, get better.


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Prosperity Central www.AskJimmyJohnson.comIt has been a very busy month for me thanks to a new surge of distributors.

I recently started using a marketing management system to help build my network marketing business. The system is called Prosperity Central and I am glad it works as well as it did because along with a lead acquisition program I purchased my business within the past 40 days took off like a rocket. Prosperity Central makes massive action with minimal effort possible through the most cutting edge lead generation, presentation, recruitment, team building, and back-office tools available. Prosperity Central integrates with the marketing pages I use to promote my MLM business and reduces some of the manual steps that I had to make to manage and follow-up on my prospects and distributors.

Prosperity Central provides state-of-the-art presentations, landing pages, videos, follow-ups, marketing and conversion tools  or you can seamlessly integrate some of your own custom content and effortlessly share it with your entire organization. Prosperity Central does the selling for you. The state-of-the-art marketing system carries your prospects through the critical “engage, educate, convert” process using the most professional presentation, and relationship building tools your prospects have ever been exposed to. Prosperity Central maintains contact details, builds relationships through timely follow-ups, notifies you of every activity prospects take on your site and you even receive alerts to your phone while your prospects are actually touring your MLM marketing website.

Prosperity Central provides training and duplication tools that promotes growth deep within your organization. Conferencing, webinars, training series, it’s all provided from an easy to use back office.

For those of your team who do not have a lot of experience in MLM building, Prosperity Central provides proven profit-pulling web pages, movies, emails, scripts. Simplification and duplication is all automated with this system. New distributors who have never used any online marketing programs are getting the same results as I am. When I was first introduced to Prosperity Central I was impressed by the free 30-day trial at any level from the basic to the Premier level. Even if I was not satisfied with the service I could continue to use the free version for life. Within two days I knew I had my hands on a winner and have had no regrets. Looks like they have a customer for life.

To learn more, watch a short video HERE.





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Branding domains for network marketing success

your dot name image www.askjimmyjohnson.comIn yesterdays posting I was explaining the importance of branding yourself for MLM success. Today I would like to spend a little time on why it is important to use your personal name in a domain name which will promote you as a MLM, direct sales or network marketing expert. If you think you are not an expert be sure to review the posting referenced above. Remember the purpose of branding is to become visible and recognized by those seeking advice, guidance and leadership. It is especially important to be recognized by the internet itself. The most important of all domains is the dot com. Just like this blog is domained as www.AskJimmyJohnson.com, you could also use dot info, dot me, dot biz or dot name. Other dots can be used in addition to dot com but it is most important to have a primary dot com domain. Dot coms are the most search for and most respected of all domains. Think about it, big names such as Coke, Pepsi, McDonalds, Apple and other big names in business do not use any other domains than the dot com. I also use www.AskJimmyJohnson.info.

Think about the times you came across a dot ws or dot cc, those dots where not as impressive as a dot com and you may have dismissed the website as less than official or legitimate. It is important that you find a way of branding your name into a dot com. You could go so far as to incorporate mlm or network marketing into the domain such as www.jimmyjohnsonmlmsuccess.com or www.jimmyjohnsonnetworkmarketingsuccess.com. It is also important to keep your domain as short and as easy to remember as possible. As you can see above the domain name www.askjimmyjohnsonnetworkmarketingsuccess.com is pushing the boundaries of domain length but it is somewhat easy to remember.

Take you time in picking your branded domain name since once you start using your name it is pretty much a permanent choice. You do not want to start branding with a domain and then down the road decide that another name would have been a better choice. It is better to take some time and pick the right domain the first time. You can go to www.buildyourdot.com and search for names you would like to be recognized by. Finding available domain names gets harder day by day since people buy domain names non-stop, day and night, seven days a week.

Even if you are not using a website at this time this is the time to start searching for the perfect domain for your branding before it is taken by someone else. If you are going to have an internet prescience, you will need a domain that identifies you in your field. It will also benefit you if that fits into a Twitter account such as www.twitter.com/AskJimmyJohnson, a Facebook fan page such as www.facebook.com/askjimmyjohnson and even a YouTube channel such as www.youtube.com/AskJimmyJohnson.  Have your name out there on the internet in as many places as possible gives you a presence that makes it easier for people to come across you and what you have to offer. When you start popping up throughout the search engine results you are given credibility that will make people take time to find out more about you and your offerings. So get out a note pad and start making a list of possible domain names for your network marketing success.





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If you’re serious about building a big network marketing or MLM business as fast as possible then take advantage of the resources available to you now. Learn from others who are leaders and top earners in their individual network marketing companies. Here is your chance to work with more people and earn more money. Get plugged in right here


Branding yourself for MLM success

Branding Yourself image www.askjimmyjohnson.comIn direct sales, MLM and network marketing, people seek out opportunities and leaders who can show them the way. A strong tool for attracting people who are seeking leaders is to brand yourself as a leader in the industry. You may be thinking you are not a leader or what do you have to offer that would attract others. The answer to that you can figure out on your own but, I can assure you there is something in your experience that you can capitalize on and promote as your value to others. You may have to take some time and review your experiences and the knowledge you gained from past jobs, military experience or sports. If you do some soul-searching I am sure you will find some value that you can offer to others. Once you have that value identified, find a way to share it with others. You can share through blog posting, regular informative tweets or Facebook postings. You can create a You Tube channel where you post regular short videos. Make your videos, educational, inspirational and motivational.

I suggest using a little of all channels of exposure but put emphasis on one venue. All avenues of exposure can certainly and should be incorporated. You can refer your You Tube visitors to your blog for more information. Your blog should suggest people follow your tweets and like your Facebook fan page. The key is to brand yourself as yourself. I for example am Ask Jimmy Johnson throughout the internet and I use the same photo on all media. This is no different from what auto makers and soft drink companies do. You have to think of yourself as a brand. The more promotion you can place on the internet the more likely people are to find you and actually pay attention to what you have to say.

This has been referred to as attraction marketing and if you would like to see magnetic sponsoring in action I recommend you watch the seven free videos available here. Thanks to the internet you can create a brand in a very short period of time. In the old days, MLM leaders would write books on how they did it and not only profited from book sales but also found people knocking their doors down trying to join them in business. You can easily accomplish the same results online today through blogging and social media. You may be using a Facebook personal page but if you are not promoting yourself as a leader on a Facebook fan page you are missing a huge opportunity for exposure. Take advantage of some free training on how to become Facebook famous in 60 days by clicking here.

Start promoting yourself online and you will soon start popping up in search engine results and people will start connecting with you. Find your strength that will bring value to the lives and businesses of others and be consistent in your brand images. You may even want to have a professional logo designed for your brand and it would be worth the investment, but be sure to always display your smiling face, people love to see who they are dealing with.





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Traffic Exchanges image www.AskJimmyJohnson.comIn a previous post titled “Will List Jumper work for building a network marketing business?” I was experimenting with a traffic exchange called List Jumper. Years ago when I had more time on my hands I used to drive traffic to various online selling sites I owned with traffic exchanges. Some traffic exchanges were good, some were not so good. The major challenge with traffic exchanges is that to get your website displayed in rotation to other viewers, you have to click links in emails and view the websites of other members. It took a lot of time in a day to click through and the return really was not there for me. Years later while promoting my MLM business I took another look at traffic exchanges and gave List Jumper a shot. If you read my previous posting on List Jumper you will see I was impressed. I was impressed enough to sign up as a bronze member. As a bronze member for less than $10 a month I am given a certain number of exposures delivered to the email boxes of other members. On day one of using List Jumper I made my first sale and have stuck with them up to this point. Because of the convenience of today’s smart phones I actually do some site surfing and viewing during slow or down time. For my small monthly investment I am not required to surf. The biggest benefit for me in surfing the sites of others is that I get to see how others are marketing what they have to sell. There are some great ideas out there that I would have missed if I had not surfed certain sites. I actually picked up a company to work with that looked easy to market and grow into a nice size business, called People Helping People or EXP. I especially liked the support system that makes this company so easy for new comers to direct sales and network marketing.

One downside to these traffic exchanges is that people who are surfing for exposure credits are not really paying much attention to the messages being delivered on those surfed sites. I know I speed through them until something WOWs me. That is how I was stopped long enough on the EXP site to want to learn more. As a paying member of List Jumper I am not so concerned about speeding through sites for credits. I am truly interested in content but do not spend long periods of time surfing, it is more of a productive pass time.

Two weeks ago I came across another traffic exchange called Mail Our List that I have been testing since then and have gotten pretty good results. Although they have monthly memberships, you can also pay for what you use. That is the method I have been using with some success. For $5 I get thousands of exposures. If I keep getting the results that I am, I will be upgrade to a $10 or $20 monthly subscription so that I can send out more mailings more frequently than allowed with my free account. Not only does Mail Our List provide email marketing but also publishes banner and text ads for you as well. So far I am just as happy with Mail Our List as I am with List Jumper. I am planning to test other traffic exchanges over a period of time and will post updates of my findings.

A closing word of advice, If you start using traffic exchanges, set up a separate email account so that your primary email is not inundated by large volumes of emails. You will be receiving a high volume of emails.





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