New Years Success in Network Marketing

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This is the time to look back on last year's results in your network marketing business. Are you satisfied with the growth you experienced? If not, what is your plan of action for 2014? In life we can always make change for the better, but what better time than the beginning of a new year? If you have not yet taken the time to reflect on the results of the past 12 months then take this time to do so. QUESTIONS TO ASK Where was the size of my team at the start of 2013 How much money did my MLM business make in 2013 What would I change in last year's business if I could Did I do as much as I could have last year to grow my…
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Stay the course for network marketing success

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I get a lot of questions from marketers about how to be successful in MLM or network marketing. A lot of those questions are not specific such as how do I invite to a meeting or how do I get a phone number from a stranger, they are more generic like why have I not had success with network marketing? That is an invitation for me to ask some questions myself. One of the first questions I like to ask is why did you pick this company or opportunity to work with or what do you like best about your opportunity. It is amazing how may people can not give a clear, concise answer to those questions. A major reason for that is that most people appear to be working…
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MLM business building with Prosperity Central

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It has been a very busy month for me thanks to a new surge of distributors. I recently started using a marketing management system to help build my network marketing business. The system is called Prosperity Central and I am glad it works as well as it did because along with a lead acquisition program I purchased my business within the past 40 days took off like a rocket. Prosperity Central makes massive action with minimal effort possible through the┬ámost cutting edge lead generation, presentation, recruitment, team building, and back-office tools available. Prosperity Central integrates with the marketing pages I use to promote my MLM business and reduces some of the manual steps that I had to make to manage and follow-up on my prospects and distributors. Prosperity Central provides…
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Pinging for network marketing success

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One of the quickest ways to establish an online presence is with blogging. Of course you will want to link your blog to other sites within your network such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkdin, Google+ and YouTube. If you are blogging, and you should be, you should also be pinging your blog updates. Having a blog is key to your network marking success. It is your blog that will establish your authority in your field of expertise. So what is a ping? There are online sites that will send out a ping to other websites to alert of a change on your blog site. Sending out a ping is like raising the red flag on the mailbox to tell the postman that you have new mail ready to be sent. So…
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Branding domains for network marketing success

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In yesterdays posting I was explaining the importance of branding yourself for MLM success. Today I would like to spend a little time on why it is important to use your personal name in a domain name which will promote you as a MLM, direct sales or network marketing expert. If you think you are not an expert be sure to review the posting referenced above. Remember the purpose of branding is to become visible and recognized by those seeking advice, guidance and leadership. It is especially important to be recognized by the internet itself. The most important of all domains is the dot com. Just like this blog is domained as, you could also use dot info, dot me, dot biz or dot name. Other dots can be…
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