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Part Time vs Full Time Marketers

After years of successful retail automotive sales management, I was attracted to and recruited into a network marketing company. After eleven years in the car business it was a fresh outlook on sales. I was working with a great company and some pretty talented people and felt right at home. The big emphasis in this company was to go full time as soon as possible and that is exactly what I set my sites on. Within six months I could actually call myself a full timer and left my transition job as a telemarketer.
I was recruited by a brave lady who walked right up to me and started a qualifying conversation. She happened to catch me at just the right time. There was enough change going on in my life, in a new city that I was actually open even more possibilities. Now we’ve been told forever to simplify and multiply. This group had an excellent prospecting system, it worked on me and for me. I mastered the face-to-face and even telephone cold calling methods that were taught.
If anyone has ever done face-to-face prospecting or been able to hold that fifty pound telephone for four hours a day then you are and can appreciate that it takes a certain type of person to do so. I have to admit it was a struggle and I have never had enough sense to know when to quit and I went at it for several years with some success.

The Problem

The problem with this business building method is that although you may be able to call it a duplicatable system, you have to find that one in about 500 people who will give it a try and stick with it for more than three days. Of course, through our efforts, once we found someone who said they were in, we would immediately work with their warm market to find other like minded people they knew.
The challenge is that how you recruit someone is their perception of what “they” must also do to obtain successful results. What this means is that if you approached them cold in a Costco then they think that is what they have to do to grow a business of their own. So you have to meet the people they know as quick as possible so as to build a team under your new recruit as fast as possible to lock in your recruit. Plus their recruits’ perception of the business is that all they have to introduce you to their friends and family and that you will do the work for them. That should be your objective. to stay in warm, friendly markets.
Our biggest problem, and I didn’t learn it till years later from someone in another organization who was growing at a record pace, was that we were putting all our emphasis on full time. Quite simply he explained that by asking people if they were happy with what they were doing and if they would consider a career change was seeking the wrong people. If a person is unhappy with their current job, chances are that is just their nature and it would not be long before they would have similar unhappiness with us. Looking back it was true.

The Solution

It was recommended to ask people if they were open to additional income if it wouldn’t interfere with what they were currently doing. The right people would respond positively to that offer. These were the more ambitious and positive minded people that you can grow with. Another leader used to say, “we have to go into their zone before we can bring them into ours”. Of course we are looking for those studs who will just jump right in but odds are we will meet them through a warm introduction.
Remember first and always, regardless of the product, service or opportunity we offer, we are ultimately in the people business. At the end of the day people just want to be happy, they want to take care of their loved ones and want to be appreciated. If you can genuinely offer that, you will attract an abundance of the right people into your life.
As Zig Ziglar has taught for years, you can have everything in life you want if you just help enough other people get what they want. If you would like to learn more about how to bring value to others and how to become a magnetic leader then take advantage of this free 7 Day Video Boot Camp on how to attract new leads and customers to you right now.


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