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rejectedThe internet now allows for recruit prospecting that was impossible when I started in network marketing back in the 90s. Today’s MLM allows not only 24 hour a day sales and residual income but also 24 hour a day global prospecting and recruiting of direct team members. In the old days if you were fortunate to have a downline in another country overseas, you could enjoy building second generation and deeper organizations but direct recruiting was rare if you were not taking frequent plane trips.

Today’s network marketing companies are set up for training through the internet and the results are the same whether your team member is an ocean away or a block away. My favorite online tool for not only global prospecting and recruiting but also MLM industry training is MLSP or My Lead System PRO. MLSP not only trains your team on how to market but also helps sign-up new and prospective team members, 24 hours a day, around the world. All of this is done by providing value to those who have an interest or a need for assistance in the game of network marketing. A good amount of that value is provided free of charge.

Belly to Belly – Face to Face

But let’s not forget that we are networking with people not computers. As good as your online system may be working for you we still have to consider and take advantage of our daily face to face encounters. It always boils down to people working with people. Even if you did not want to go out and meet new people face to face, what if a new recruit wanted to introduce you to his friend who might be interested. Sure you could send him or her an email or send them to some site, but that isn’t leadership. First of all someone asked you for help and second we lead and teach by example. Remember, more is caught than taught.

I know it is tough walking up to complete strangers in a mall or parking lot and getting their name and phone number, I did it for years. But when you do and you get results as you build your team, you know you’re a stud and deserve to win. But what do you say? There are over 100 lines I could share with you and they’re in print everywhere and probably offered by your company or upline. What I want you to understand is the psychology of approaching anyone about working with you in MLM.

First understand we can attract the right kind of people and the wrong kind of people. What’s the difference? One line used was are you tired of your job? Do you hate or want to fire your boss? In reality, who doesn’t? It is a cute set up question that makes it hard for a person to say no then the pitch can be sprung on them because they said they hated their job. But think about it, the person who really hates their job probably hated the job before that one and in time will learn to hate you and whatever you’re doing. Some people are just negative by nature (and nurture) and are harder to work with than the person who says I love my job and my boss. Now that is an answer that will stump many prospectors. But the kind of person who loves his or her job is exactly what you’re looking for, Mr. or Ms positive.

What do we say to the happy employee? Just like anyone you approach you should look for something that you really like about that person. Are they dressed sharp, did they handle a customer impressively? Pay them a complement then ask them if they plan to do what they’re dong forever. Even a person who likes what they are doing has never thought about being there forever. Forever is a very long time. You just want them to be open-minded long enough to hear you out and say yes or no. If they love their job, ask them if they are open to earning extra income in their spare time. Let them know you need help expanding your business where you live. And if all else fails, remember to ask them who they know. Not “do you know anybody?”

Whether a person likes their job or not another good question is “are you being paid what you’re worth?” If not then ask if they would consider a career change if the money was right? Also ask if they ever look for ways to make extra money in their spare time. That’s the kind of people you’re looking for, positive people who want more out of life. You could even be specific asking could you use an extra $500 to $700 a month earned in your spare time? You can even ask them how much extra money a month they’d like to earn just working a few hours on weekends.

Learn to Shut UP!

Now here is the really hard part. Keep your encounter as short as possible. I always shoot for less than one minute. If it’s the right person it won’t take much more time than two to three minutes to present, get a phone number and move on. If you have to play 1000 questions, believe me, you’re talking to someone who is looking for reasons not to do anything different. If you talk long enough you will give them that reason to reject you. Always be in a rush, let them know you have somewhere else to be and you’re running late and that you will sit with them within a day or two so answer all questions. Encourage them to have questions and find out if there would be anybody else involved in their making a career decision and then you better make sure that person is available to join when you schedule your sit down.

The internet has made this work so much easier, but don’t forget it is and always will be a people business. Learn more about MLSP and how it can help you and your people dominate your company.


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  • I really appreciate the tips on what to say to people when out and about. I find this the most difficult thing for me personally to do and with these easy tips (keep it short, ask specific focused questions, etc) have made me realize I can do this! I had never thought of keeping it very short and saving the rest for the follow up. Thanks for the advice!

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