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First off, let me say that anyone who gives MLM or network marketing a shot has a winner somewhere  inside looking to surface. I would like to believe that all human beings have that winner within. However, over the years I have seen too many people who have just been worn down by society and environment. How many have been programed since kindergarten to get good grades to be eligible for that “good” job?
Psychologist tell us that for most individuals the core personality is in place somewhere between ages five and seven. That core belief system is a tough nut to crack, not impossible just tough. But that is beyond our scope for now. In network marketing we are concerned with those people who are willing to take a shot at winning.
But even these brave souls have some hurdles to overcome. A strong issue is “what will people think?”  My friend the late Richard Schnackenberg was a pioneer in the network marketing of nutrients in the mid 1950s. In the mid 1960s I remember my parents’ friends delivering Amway soap to our home. That infant industry had not yet been worn out and stigmatized by the over abundance of opportunities and those who jump from business to business.
MLM leaders for years have been collecting warm market list and showing new recruits how to build a business. That method worked for years until people became more of opportunity and get rich quick seekers, calling everyone they know with each new opportunity. It is always my advice to find a business that you wouldn’t mind spending the rest of your life with. Otherwise, prepare to join the NFL, No Friends Left club.
Today with the technology of the internet, wearing out friends and relatives is no longer necessary which is a good thing since it stopped working many years ago. Today a system like MLSP allows a new networker to literally out build, out perform and out earn experienced network marketers who are still pushing the time tested and time worn methods of calling everyone you know. We were told years ago that prophets are not recognized in their own land especially at family picnics. People who know us don’t want to hear it.
There are unknown thousands who have fallen through the cracks because they were coachable enough to do what they were told. Unfortunately, these days too many leaders don’t know what their recruits need in order to win today. Too many established leaders are still doing and sharing what they were taught back from the day when it half way worked. Today’s new networkers need a system that take full advantage of the technology available on the internet. Today’s networker needs to know that they can harness technology and grow a business much faster than from any phone list or at any family reunion.
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