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List Jumper email marketing Ask Jimmy Johnson Network Marketing Success BlogWhen I was heavy into online affiliate marketing, I used traffic exchanges to drive visitors to my web pages. It has been some years since I was active with traffic exchanges since and now using  social media and  MLSP to grow my business. I was recently approached through a facebook message to look at List Jumper. It is referred to as Activity-based Advertising. I am open minded and will at least take a peek at anything since I don’t want to miss out on something new that may boost my business. List Jumper has been in existence since 2008 and has built a sizable mailing list since then. This is the safest email marketing I know of other than my personal mailing list.

What List Jumper offers is an opportunity to send your message in emails to thousands of readers who will take the time to at least look at your email and if your message or offering is compelling enough they will click through. This will allow you to bring interested people into your own list or capture them into your opportunity lead generation site. The system is free. However, you can sign up for a paid subscription which will allow you to be higher on the list providing more people below you to email to. It also means less time spent reading emails earning ad credits. For just $6.97 I went for the Bronze subscription level which gives me access to 1500 new email recipients every three days. At that price I did not see how I could go wrong. But, I can also see myself skipping the Silver level and going right to Gold which allows my message to get to 40,000 people every three days for less than $1.00 a day. One new sign-up in my primary business a year pays for the year’s exposure.

I sent my first email out the day after signing up and was amazed at the instant traffic sent to my target page. How do I know? I have tracking on my page but also within the dashboard is a fantastic near real-time statistics board. Within two minutes over 30 people had read my message. At the end of the day, traffic today equaled my highest ever traffic count day, it was second highest this year and over twice my daily average visitor count.

I used the service to test one of my blog page postings witch contains a free give-away offer. My next mailing will be directly to my primary business replicated website.


There is a “jump now” feature which allows me to advance in the mailing line. I can advance 5 members in exchange for 1 credit. You can see my progress below in less than 24 hours. At this time I am sitting on 570 available credits.

List Jumper for Ask Jimmy Johnson Network Marketing Success Blog


In summary, I am impressed. Will List Jumper work for building a network marketing business? Time will tell, but I was excited enough with day one results to share this marketing tool as soon as possible. I will be sure to follow up with more results.




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  • Brenda

    Hi Jimmy,

    Just to let you know I get a “List is not Active” message when I applied for the free training on the top right hand side.

    Great Blog by the way. Most enjoyable and couldn’t tear myself away easily.


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