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Add mediaIf you are blogging for network marketing success, are you taking advantage of the built-in SEO benefits of alternate text for images displayed in your postings? If not make sure you start doing so immediately. If you are using the Word Press platform to blog, make sure that you use images and make sure you identify yourself in the Alt Text box provided in the media upload module. As you can see to the right there is a tab on the upper left hand side of your posting editor. When you click the ad media tag you will be taken to the a page which allows you to upload your image to your blog’s media library as shown below. Just pick the image desired from your computer’s pictures.

Wordpress Media Library www.askjimmyjohnson.comAdding images to Word Press image media instruction






Below you can see the completed image transferred from your computer to the Word Press media library.

Loaded WP image blog instruction Ask Jimmy Johnson Network Marketing Success Blog



This image is now ready to be placed into the blog posting. It can be placed on the right or left hand of the posting or even centered






Blank Alt Text box as shown on

Many bloggers, if they are using images, miss the important step of placing an alternative text in the box provided as shown to the right. If using multiple images then use multiple texts. Identify what the image is but also brand yourself or your blog.




WP image atachement details as taught at



You can see complete attachment details in the image on left. This is how your image to be uploaded looks prior to being inserted into your blog posting.

Notice that the Alt Text window contains Cashflow Quadrant for Financial Independence at Ask Jimmy Johnson Network Marketing Success Blog

 Once you place Alt Text into your image, all you have to do is click the “insert into post” button and it will be placed and oriented as you desire. In the example pictured to the left we see that the image size is 896 x 683 and is aligned to the right. The image size can be adjusted once placed on your blog page with your cursor.





Once your post is published on your blog you will have results as shown here:

What won’t be so obvious to the naked eye is that the alternate text lies beneath the image on that above blog page. The image is there as an explanation of what is being missed by those who may have a browser that is not displaying images for some reason. It is a way to show what is being missed in the blank image space. The real power of the Alt Tags is that the search engines do read beneath the images. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing  prefer websites that use Alt Text and those sites actually have higher SEO scores or are considered more optimized.



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