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Best Buy Closing employee reaction

I recently read an article “The 8 Retailers That Will Shut Down This Year” at Business Insider and did not give it too much thought until I went to Barnes and Noble this past weekend only to find it was shut down. It also happens to be in the same center as Best Buy which is also scheduled to close doors this year. Best Buy has complained for some time that people use them as a display showroom only to go home and make online purchases of the exact products they were holding in their hands at the store. We have recently saw Borders, Circuit City and others close their doors. Technology was the death of Tower Records. Some of what used to be the most solid and iconic retailers in the nation are now just a memory.

One method of marketing that seems to grow year after year is direct sales, MLM and network marketing. This is especially true with the growth of internet use in our industry. Consumers enjoy the savings that are passed on to them through direct sales. Overhead is minimal, the distributor is compensated from what would normally be an advertising budget. There is also the trust factor. Buyers also enjoy purchasing from somebody they know and feel they can trust. In today’s economy our industry enjoys growth because many product and service users are turned on the ability to refer other customers and actually being paid for helping spread the good word. Then there are those also who grab the bull by the horns and make a decision that they are going to go into business for themselves either full-time or part-time. In today’s economy, who could not use some additional  cashflow? Today, it is easier than ever to recruit distributors into direct sales and network marketing. There are so many products and services being marketed through network marketing that there is really something for everybody to represent.  From legal services to nationwide cell phone services. Today there literally is something for everybody in the network marketing world.

For many years since the proliferation of off-shore outsourcing, we networkers have asked people to be prepared for the day that their job goes away. Now there is a whole new angle to job losses and it is internet driven. Right now is a great time to review the above referenced article, visit some of these stores and start making contacts. Look for sharp people. Find out what their plans are. Let them know you would like to stay in touch or work with them on a part-time basis. Let them know many have transitioned from employment to being laid off to working full-time in a business of their own which they originally started in their spare or part time. Believe me, people working in retail today see the handwriting on the wall and will be receptive to professional prospecting.



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