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T Harv Eker Millionaire Mind www.askjimmyjohnson.comI was just re-reading a report by T. Harv Eker it makes a huge difference in business because it makes a huge difference in thinking. Years ago I read Harv’s book, “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” and shortly thereafter took a team to California to attend a three day weekend in his Millionaire Mind Intensive. It was pretty heavy stuff . He helped people take a look at how their inner thinking had designed their outer world. This is not a pleasant task for a lot of people and many did not complete the weekend experience. As I have pointed out many times here, our inner picture of ourselves and how the world works is on display in our day to day life and environment.


What T Harv Eker has put together is a special report for Network Marketers designed to help us maximize our income and grow our MLM and network marketing teams. It’s called Millionaire Mind for Network Marketers: Taking Your Business to the Next Level’. I have recommended this report in the past and like to refresh your memories and expose it to new readers every time I pick it up, dust it off and turn the pages, in PDF format of course.


What you will learn is:
– The 4-part formula that dictates the level of success you achieve in network marketing … and every other area of your life. (Most people focus only on steps #3 and #4 … which is why they rarely achieve the success they want.)
– The only way to permanently change the results you get from your network marketing business
– Why being satisfied making just a little extra money with your network marketing business actually undermines your success
– 6 habits that the wealthy have … but the poor and middle class laugh at. Adopt these habits and I practically guarantee you’ll become financially free.
– The simple Hawaiian philosophy that opens you up to greater abundance (most people do the exact opposite, which condemns them to never having what they want)
– The 2 unique reasons that network marketing offers you the greater chance of financial success (hint: it is NOT the size of your commissions)
– Common – and sneaky – ways that you sabotage your success. (I’ll tell you exactly what to look out for … and what to do when you see these excuses popping up.)
– Why asking “How can I make more money?” is the worst question to ask … and what to focus on instead (do this and you’ll effortlessly increase your income)
– The 4-letter word that must be eradicated from your vocabulary immediately if you hate to sell – you’ll be amazed by the results
– The brilliant comeback you can use when someone gives you grief about networking marketing (as a bonus, your heckler will suddenly become a hot prospect for your “in” talk)
– How to tell where your money thermostat is set … and what determined your set point
– And much more!

Harv’s teachings had a big impact on my life, which is why I strongly encourage you to grab this free report. Millionaire Mind for Network Marketers offers some of the most powerful and important information I’ve seen regarding what it takes to succeed in networking marketing.



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