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tweetadders followers www.askjimmyjohnson.comToday was a milestone for www.twitter.com/AskJimmyJohnson. My Twitter account just went past 40,000 tweets today. It took about 18 months to accomplish this. Now did I sit around a computer for 18 months tweeting? No. I used a tool which not only did the tweeting for me day and night, seven days a week, it also found targeted followers for me. The tool is Tweetadder. If you should decide to use this tool, there are some cautions you should keep in mind. First you can load up a que with unlimited tweets to go out 24/7 or on a schedule you set. Be sure to have enough tweets in the file so that you are not repeating tweets throughout the day. This will get your account suspended for spamming in no time at all. This robot will tweet in random if you set it up for random, it is your choice. I suggest random. Have enough tweets so that your tweets are not repeated within two days. How do you get tweet content? Just tweet, and when you have tweets worth repeating, copy them into the Tweetadder data base. My tweet list holds over 700 tweets at this time and I send out no more than 195 per day. I could have easily made 100’s of thousands of tweets over the past 18 months but I assure you my account would have been history many months ago.

There is a feature which will collect followers from other tweeters who have followers that I think will gain benefit from following my tweets too. There are some Twitter rules for how many people you can follow and the software makes sure I stay in the allowed follow to followed ratio by unfollowing for me automatically. I can find followers geographically or by search keywords if I want to. I stick with collecting the followers of others. I also automatically re-tweet the tweets of other influential Twitter members. This all allows me to communicate to a highly targeted group who have demonstrated an interest in my subjects.

Not only am I sharing valuable information for my followers but I also share links sending followers to this blog as well as other websites that I want visited. Tweetadder will allow you to load as many twitter accounts as you want. A word of caution if loading multiple Twitter accounts, there is a service offered which will allow you to assign proxy IP addresses to each Twitter account. This way Twitter does not recognize that multiple twitter accounts are all coming from one computer. Once you hit the Twitter radar on this one, your accounts will start disappearing, I share this fact from experience and it is no fun. I had one account with over 27,000 followers wiped out overnight. It is a sick feeling to see that many people disappear out of your influence. So, I suggest investing in proxy IP accounts.

Twitter has come a long way over the past two years and is more valuable than ever for mass marketing to the people you want to communicate with. Competition is fierce in social media marketing and you need ever edge you can get your hands on. Be sure to take advantage of the training webinars available at MLSP. Watch this 61 minute video to learn how one guy makes over $50,000 per month maximizing the power of Twitter.




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