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Rewards outside somport zone image www.AskJimmyJohnson.com I received a lot of response to a past post about T. Harv Eker. A lot of you asked what I meant about the Millionaire Mind Intensive being pretty heavy. So, I have posted a video by T Harv Eker explaining in his own words what the Millionaire Mind Intensive is all about. The reason I call it heavy is because I have been to many seminars over the years and although many are informative and educational and somewhat motivating, few leave a lasting impression that will have you thinking days and weeks later about what you learned.  Maybe experienced is a better word than learned. But, if you ever get to attend a MMI you will learn more about yourself than about actual money or millionaires. Money issues good or bad are just a reflection of how we feel about ourselves. Our feelings about money or network marketing are displayed in our actions and therefor in the world we live in. Once a person learns to look at the attitudes that drive them, a person can then make changes that will affect outcomes in activity and outcomes. Some people work harder than others but still fail to get the successful results of others and never realize the reason for not reaching their desired potential and outcomes. Some people seem to have the magic touch that turns everything to gold. It all boils down to thinking. That is why Napoleon Hill titled his famous book “Think and Grow Rich“. As a great leader once told me, Jimmy it’s not prospect and grow rich, it’s not recruit and grow rich, it’s not sell and grow rich, it’s think and grow rich.

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