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Success and Failure in MLM image www.askjimmyjohnson.comThere are a number of ways insure failure in your MLM or network marketing business. One of the biggest is trying to reinvent the wheel. Reinventing the wheel is a big mistake if you are working with a successful upline, in a successful direct sales company. If the company is successful it is because they have a system of success that works. How do you know if it is so successful? If people are growing their businesses and making money, that is a pretty good sign that they are working a successful system. It is pointed out in “The E-Myth” by Michael E. Gerber, that a business person owns a system. It is the system that runs the business and it is people who run the system. The owner of a system wants to make money and have the freedom to enjoy the rewards of entrepreneurship.

This is the same reason people invest thousands, tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands of dollars to purchase the rights to work the successful systems of franchises. Franchise companies will not even permit deviation from the system they put in place. McDonalds will not allow the McDonalds operator to sell hot dogs on the menu. That is why there are no McDogs and why the McRib is only served from time to time when MCDonalds headquarters in Chicago says it is time to roll out the McRibs. Everything is controlled from the signs inside and out to what all employees will wear. Why? Because what they do works. Sure they are open to suggestion and are always looking for ways to get better but they have experts to make experiments, do research and make those important decisions of change.

Network marketing allows the average person to plug into a proven success system and start building a business with minimal investment of cash. A new person should absolutely take advice from a successful upline sponsor. Why? Because that mentor has everyone’s best interest at heart. When an upline leader builds your business, their business grows too. That is not the case with supervisors and employers who fear being passed up and replaced or training their own competition to go out and open their own business one day. In our industry, we look for leaders and want them build their businesses as big and as quickly as possible. The newest person has the same opportunity as everyone who joined the company before them. Everybody has the ability to build their business within the business.

To be a new person entering a network marketing company and deciding they know better than those who are showing success in the business is the kiss of death. First of all, a new employee can not pull that in a job and for good reason. A business gives an employee a job to work the system for increased profits. Second, it is the fastest way to lose the support of upline mentors. Why would anyone invest time and effort into someone who does not want to listen or follow a track record of success? When you find a company to work with, understand that everyone will support your efforts for success. They will never advise you to do anything that would not be in your best interest. Remember, before we can lead we must first learn to follow.





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