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Mary Kay leadership advice www.askjimmyjohnson.comAs you can see in the photo to the left, Mary Kay Ash, founder of Mary Kay cosmetics advises “sandwich every bit of criticism between two layers of praise”. The way it was explained to me was “kiss em, spank em, kiss em”. So what does all of this mean? Well, as MLM leaders part of our job is to correct undesirable behavior. In direct sales or network marketing organizations this process will differ from a job environment. In a job the employee does just enough to keep from getting fired and the boss pays just enough to keep the employee from quitting. But the one who writes the checks has most of the leverage. It is easier to find someone to write a check for than to find someone who will write you a check. So the attitude of most bosses and employers is, “if you don’t like it, don’t let the door hit you on the way out” In the MLM industry, we work with volunteers. Network marketing is fueled by an all volunteer army. No one is paid a salary to build a network marketing business. That is why the sky is the limit for earning potential. It is also why no one is going to put up with for free what they put up with in a job they might not even like.

As network marketing leaders we would be wise to find more good in our people than what needs to be improved upon. Then when the time comes for a little constructive criticism we should already be armed with more good about an individual than what is wrong. Corrective counsel should always begin with stating what the person is good at, followed by what could be improved upon and then completed with more encouragement about the persons strengths.

Let us say you are working with a new recruit and you are showing him or her how to set up appointments or invites with people he or she knows. You have spent enough time with this person to know that they are a good communicator and that they have a very friendly personality. So if this person is making phone calls with you and they tend to want to tell the complete story of what they are so excited about with your opportunity over the phone, you will have to explain how important it is to keep it short and simple. The training may sound something like this: “Joe you have a great way with words and getting people to understand what you are talking about. However, keep in mind the purpose of our phone calls is to get a face to face with these people. If you tell the entire story over he phone, then there is no reason for them to meet with us and they really need to see this for themselves just like you did, right? So less talking, okay? Joe you are one of the best people persons I’ve worked with in a long time. I am amazed how people are willing to hear you out. You have huge credibility with the people you know, you’re going to be huge in this business, let’s make some more calls”.

It is that simple. Take some time over the next few days to identify strengths of the downline, future leaders you are working with. I suggest keeping a log in a note book for future reference. Then, practice sandwiching criticism between layers of praise.




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