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Richard Branson motivation in MLM www.askjimmyjohnson.comI recently read an article about Richard Branson’s ideas on entrepreneurial determination. One statement he made was, “if you’re not very good at motivating yourself, you probably won’t get very far in business – especially as an entrepreneur”. As he also stated, “When you’re starting up a company and for the first couple of years afterward, there are a lot of long nights and stressful days, and the workload is heavy. You have to be able to give the job everything you’ve got every day, or it will easily get the better of you. As direct sellers in a MLM or network marketing business we have a lot of advantages that a business start-up entrepreneur like Sir Richard had to launch his businesses without.

In network marketing we get to plug into an already proven system of success. We work in companies that someone has already planned, launched and is able to show us a working model or template that we can just follow and duplicate, expecting similar results if not better depending on our commitment level and skills.

The good news is that Branson tells us that, “the ability to tap into your determination and grit is not just an innate skill. You can teach yourself to get up every day and try to keep a new business going despite long odds, partly by structuring your life and job to make sure you are working toward your larger goals’. What is key is that he says we can learn the skill of motivation. Admittedly, building a successful MLM or network marketing business is no cake walk or everyone would be doing it but, if it was that easy then it would be paying minimum wage. Network marketing compensation is far from minimum anything. Very important is his advice to structure our lives and job to make sure you are working toward your larger goals. Larger goals, that is key. Remember, obstacles are those things you see when you take your eyes off your goals. Plus, because we are plugged into a proven success system, the odds really are not that long for those who will work the system laid out for them.

Working in a direct sales company provides us with the tools to stay motivated that a start-up entrepreneur does not enjoy. We work with others who have done it before us and are ready to share their methods to obtain successful results. With upline support we are able to get encouragement and feedback from someone who knows what works and what does not work so well. As the saying goes, “just follow my footsteps through the snow-covered minefield”‘ In network marketing we are  also provided with inspirational environments. Many would call them motivational but, motivation really is an inside job. Inspiration may trigger motivation during a big training event, company overview or at a convention. However, motivation is that driving force that remains when we are out there doing it by ourselves. How motivated we are is evident in our behavior when nobody else is watching. Look at the score board, that will tell you who is motivated and who is not.

Get big goals that stir your emotions. Expose yourself to positive books and CDs. Be sure to hang with the right people and eliminate all negative people from your life. If do not have the skill of self motivation now, you can learn it. You just may have to do a lot of things different from you are doing now but, the rewards are so worth it.

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