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MLM Uplines and Downlnes image www.askjimmyjohnson.comIf you have spent much time around direct sales, MLM or network marketing you have probably heard the half joke about not needing a upline but needing a downline for network marketing success. I call it a half joke because it is half true. Real success in MLM comes from having a downline that is productive and growing. However, it is a good upline that makes that possible through training, mentoring and inspiring motivation. From time to time I hear complaints about unresponsive or inactive uplines from marketers. Keep in mind that an upline who may not be fully engaged in the business probably has a successful upline above. That makes his or her upline your upline. Good leaders are always looking deep in their hierarchy for talent and ambition. If you are serious about building a huge network marketing business then let your actions speak louder than words. Talk is cheap. Are you bringing people to your opportunity meetings? Are you introducing people to your business opportunity? If you are, someone is noticing and at the same time you will build a downline which will probably push you past an unproductive upline.

The beauty of network marketing is the fairness. Success goes to those who do the work and get the job done. There is no seniority in MLM. Whoever builds the largest organization gets the rewards and the position of leader. Do not, however, be disrespectful of or talk bad about anybody upline or downline. Because, in network marketing what goes around will certainly go around. Remember, this is a business of duplication and if you create a smear campaign against any upline leader it is just a matter of time before someone sets their sights on you. After all, if you are having success in your business, always keep in mind that you owe the gratitude to the person who introduced you to the opportunity in the first place. True leaders will never bash their upline. Negatives if there are any should always be addressed up and never down. You can not afford to have your downline organization to ever hear you speak negatively about other people or the company you represent. Again, this goes with the territory of being a leader. We are in the business to become leaders so that we can build leaders.






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