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It is always a good time for network marketing success. However, in today’s uncertain economy, more people are searching for alternative sources of income and back-up plans for their job that may not be there tomorrow. If approached correctly, a lot more people are open to extra part-time or spare-time income than ever before. As always the important thing is to find out what is important in your prospect’s mind. People are only concerned with what is in it for themselves. So, it is important to take time and learn more about your potential recruit to ensure your network marketing success.

Ask open ended questions and follow through on their answers. For example, rather than ask would you like to make some extra money in your spare time, ask how much money would you like to make on a part-time bases. Once you are given an answer to that question you can dig a little deeper by asking what would you be able to accomplish with that extra $1200 per month? Then you have their motivation or dominate buying motive. That is what you will talk about when showing them your opportunity. If they said the money would help cover the cost of a kid starting college, then that is what you focus on in showing them how working with you part-time could cover those education expenses.

Not only does asking probing questions give you the ammunition you need to recruit great people into your network marketing business but it also shows you care. In these times of doom and gloom as reported by the news outlets, people are looking for hope. Then give feedback, let then know yo were listening and actually understand where they are coming from and what their concerns are. People want to spend time with someone who can show them a better way. Timing is everything (remember these people?) and what may not be a fit for them today can change within weeks so stay in touch with good people that you want in your business. Most MLM environments only allow positives to be discussed and in today’s world that can be a refuge from the grind of politics, the economy and the work place.

I highly recommend practicing asking probing questions and learn to really listen to the answers you are getting. People are looking today more than ever and when they run into the right person or opportunity they will not let go so easily. This really is the best time for network marketing success.




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