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Traffic Exchanges image www.AskJimmyJohnson.comIn a previous post titled “Will List Jumper work for building a network marketing business?” I was experimenting with a traffic exchange called List Jumper. Years ago when I had more time on my hands I used to drive traffic to various online selling sites I owned with traffic exchanges. Some traffic exchanges were good, some were not so good. The major challenge with traffic exchanges is that to get your website displayed in rotation to other viewers, you have to click links in emails and view the websites of other members. It took a lot of time in a day to click through and the return really was not there for me. Years later while promoting my MLM business I took another look at traffic exchanges and gave List Jumper a shot. If you read my previous posting on List Jumper you will see I was impressed. I was impressed enough to sign up as a bronze member. As a bronze member for less than $10 a month I am given a certain number of exposures delivered to the email boxes of other members. On day one of using List Jumper I made my first sale and have stuck with them up to this point. Because of the convenience of today’s smart phones I actually do some site surfing and viewing during slow or down time. For my small monthly investment I am not required to surf. The biggest benefit for me in surfing the sites of others is that I get to see how others are marketing what they have to sell. There are some great ideas out there that I would have missed if I had not surfed certain sites. I actually picked up a company to work with that looked easy to market and grow into a nice size business, called People Helping People or EXP. I especially liked the support system that makes this company so easy for new comers to direct sales and network marketing.

One downside to these traffic exchanges is that people who are surfing for exposure credits are not really paying much attention to the messages being delivered on those surfed sites. I know I speed through them until something WOWs me. That is how I was stopped long enough on the EXP site to want to learn more. As a paying member of List Jumper I am not so concerned about speeding through sites for credits. I am truly interested in content but do not spend long periods of time surfing, it is more of a productive pass time.

Two weeks ago I came across another traffic exchange called Mail Our List that I have been testing since then and have gotten pretty good results. Although they have monthly memberships, you can also pay for what you use. That is the method I have been using with some success. For $5 I get thousands of exposures. If I keep getting the results that I am, I will be upgrade to a $10 or $20 monthly subscription so that I can send out more mailings more frequently than allowed with my free account. Not only does Mail Our List provide email marketing but also publishes banner and text ads for you as well. So far I am just as happy with Mail Our List as I am with List Jumper. I am planning to test other traffic exchanges over a period of time and will post updates of my findings.

A closing word of advice, If you start using traffic exchanges, set up a separate email account so that your primary email is not inundated by large volumes of emails. You will be receiving a high volume of emails.





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