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Branding Yourself image www.askjimmyjohnson.comIn direct sales, MLM and network marketing, people seek out opportunities and leaders who can show them the way. A strong tool for attracting people who are seeking leaders is to brand yourself as a leader in the industry. You may be thinking you are not a leader or what do you have to offer that would attract others. The answer to that you can figure out on your own but, I can assure you there is something in your experience that you can capitalize on and promote as your value to others. You may have to take some time and review your experiences and the knowledge you gained from past jobs, military experience or sports. If you do some soul-searching I am sure you will find some value that you can offer to others. Once you have that value identified, find a way to share it with others. You can share through blog posting, regular informative tweets or Facebook postings. You can create a You Tube channel where you post regular short videos. Make your videos, educational, inspirational and motivational.

I suggest using a little of all channels of exposure but put emphasis on one venue. All avenues of exposure can certainly and should be incorporated. You can refer your You Tube visitors to your blog for more information. Your blog should suggest people follow your tweets and like your Facebook fan page. The key is to brand yourself as yourself. I for example am Ask Jimmy Johnson throughout the internet and I use the same photo on all media. This is no different from what auto makers and soft drink companies do. You have to think of yourself as a brand. The more promotion you can place on the internet the more likely people are to find you and actually pay attention to what you have to say.

This has been referred to as attraction marketing and if you would like to see magnetic sponsoring in action I recommend you watch the seven free videos available here. Thanks to the internet you can create a brand in a very short period of time. In the old days, MLM leaders would write books on how they did it and not only profited from book sales but also found people knocking their doors down trying to join them in business. You can easily accomplish the same results online today through blogging and social media. You may be using a Facebook personal page but if you are not promoting yourself as a leader on a Facebook fan page you are missing a huge opportunity for exposure. Take advantage of some free training on how to become Facebook famous in 60 days by clicking here.

Start promoting yourself online and you will soon start popping up in search engine results and people will start connecting with you. Find your strength that will bring value to the lives and businesses of others and be consistent in your brand images. You may even want to have a professional logo designed for your brand and it would be worth the investment, but be sure to always display your smiling face, people love to see who they are dealing with.





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