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your dot name image www.askjimmyjohnson.comIn yesterdays posting I was explaining the importance of branding yourself for MLM success. Today I would like to spend a little time on why it is important to use your personal name in a domain name which will promote you as a MLM, direct sales or network marketing expert. If you think you are not an expert be sure to review the posting referenced above. Remember the purpose of branding is to become visible and recognized by those seeking advice, guidance and leadership. It is especially important to be recognized by the internet itself. The most important of all domains is the dot com. Just like this blog is domained as, you could also use dot info, dot me, dot biz or dot name. Other dots can be used in addition to dot com but it is most important to have a primary dot com domain. Dot coms are the most search for and most respected of all domains. Think about it, big names such as Coke, Pepsi, McDonalds, Apple and other big names in business do not use any other domains than the dot com. I also use

Think about the times you came across a dot ws or dot cc, those dots where not as impressive as a dot com and you may have dismissed the website as less than official or legitimate. It is important that you find a way of branding your name into a dot com. You could go so far as to incorporate mlm or network marketing into the domain such as or It is also important to keep your domain as short and as easy to remember as possible. As you can see above the domain name is pushing the boundaries of domain length but it is somewhat easy to remember.

Take you time in picking your branded domain name since once you start using your name it is pretty much a permanent choice. You do not want to start branding with a domain and then down the road decide that another name would have been a better choice. It is better to take some time and pick the right domain the first time. You can go to and search for names you would like to be recognized by. Finding available domain names gets harder day by day since people buy domain names non-stop, day and night, seven days a week.

Even if you are not using a website at this time this is the time to start searching for the perfect domain for your branding before it is taken by someone else. If you are going to have an internet prescience, you will need a domain that identifies you in your field. It will also benefit you if that fits into a Twitter account such as, a Facebook fan page such as and even a YouTube channel such as  Have your name out there on the internet in as many places as possible gives you a presence that makes it easier for people to come across you and what you have to offer. When you start popping up throughout the search engine results you are given credibility that will make people take time to find out more about you and your offerings. So get out a note pad and start making a list of possible domain names for your network marketing success.





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