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Stay the Course www.AskJimmyJohnson.comI get a lot of questions from marketers about how to be successful in MLM or network marketing. A lot of those questions are not specific such as how do I invite to a meeting or how do I get a phone number from a stranger, they are more generic like why have I not had success with network marketing? That is an invitation for me to ask some questions myself. One of the first questions I like to ask is why did you pick this company or opportunity to work with or what do you like best about your opportunity. It is amazing how may people can not give a clear, concise answer to those questions. A major reason for that is that most people appear to be working without goals or with no end in sight. It is very important to have a picture of what your business will look like once it is built as well as along the way. This is commonly referred to as goals.

As important as setting goals is and having a plan to reach those goals, it is every bit as important to have a reason for what you are doing. We have all heard the old saying, “where there’s a will there’s a way” and it is true. When our why is big enough we will figure out the how. Reminds me of Joe Girard in his book “How to Sell Anything to Anybody” explaining that after much misfortune in business he was motivated to feed his family and took on car selling to do it. When he looked at prospective customers he literally saw them as bags of groceries sitting before him. That is desire. So it is very important to know why you are will to go through what others won’t. Most people enter network marketing because of a friend or family member. Too many marketers take the business as a social happening rather than an opportunity to build a six or even seven figure annual income.

I do eventually get to the question of asking how many companies have you worked with. Many people have signed up for two, three or more companies and many of those are quick to tell you that network marketing doesn’t work. When you point out the successes in the company they will explain about luck and getting in at the right time. For anyone considering working with a network marketing company I suggest taking the time to find a product or service that ignites your emotions. Find something that turns you on. Study the successes of that company and ask yourself if the product or service is something you would definitely want you parents involved with. You do not have to jump into the first company you come across. If you are really interested in building a successful network marketing business or direct sales organization then pick the right company and them stay the course. Do not give up easily when things do not seem to be going your way. Times will be tough during business building but if was easy then everybody would be doing it and it would be paying minimum wage. Stay the course for network marketing success and professionalize by reading great books, listening to great CDs and attending every event you can get your butt to.



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