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Tom Hopkins Sales Training www/AskJimmyJohnson.comI come from a background of sales. I started working in real estate and within a year of struggling moved on to automotive retail sales. I spent twelve years in that business before becoming a full-time network marketer. It was only what I learned in the car business that allowed me to become a full-time direct seller. In my first couple of months I had a slow start but realized it had to be me since the old timers were selling like clockwork. To me as a newbie it looked like they were performing magic or casting spells on their customers. Someone recommended I attend a training seminar that was going to be held in the next state. I learn a lot in that one day class and even bought the gentleman’s cassettes, yes cassettes. The most important thing I learned that day was that sales was both an art and a science. Once I realized that great salespeople were not born but could actually become skilled through right training, I became a student of sales. That was a great investment in myself, because I not only soared in sales and income, later in my career I was in positions to train other salespeople. Seeing others become successful in automotive sales was the greatest payoff to me. One of those people within sixteen years actually retired with over one million dollars saved.

That is why to this day, I am a strong believer in sales education and self-improvement. It was my ability to not only sale but also teach others basic selling skills that allowed me to become full-time in network marketing back in 1998. One of my favorite sales trainers is Tom Hopkins. Tom also got off to a slow start in real estate as a 19 year old but within a year was one of the top listing agents in California. He also was introduced to sales training by the grand father of modern-day selling, J. Douglas Edwards. Tom not only became a student of sales and actually wrote the sales curriculum for a major real estate sales franchise company, but Mr. Edwards passed the baton on to Tom upon his retirement. Today Tom Hopkins leads the field in training sales people across the country and around the world. It was my exposure to Tom, thanks to a car company I was working for that took my selling career to a whole new level.

The thing I like best about reading Tom’s books and listening to his audios is that he makes the selling process as simple as it gets. Tom pushes practicing, drilling and rehearsing and that is what separates that Pros from the Wanna Be’s. I have recommended Tom’s materials to man over the years and those who applied themselves and the skills they learned have had very successful careers. This is true for those who work in network marketing or direct sales. Today I am suggesting that anybody who wants to take their network marketing business to the next level should start with themselves and make the investment to get better. Remember the old saying, don’t wish it would get easier, get better.


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