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MLM success in 2014 www.AskJimmyJohnson.comThis is the time to look back on last year’s results in your network marketing business. Are you satisfied with the growth you experienced? If not, what is your plan of action for 2014? In life we can always make change for the better, but what better time than the beginning of a new year? If you have not yet taken the time to reflect on the results of the past 12 months then take this time to do so.


  • Where was the size of my team at the start of 2013

  • How much money did my MLM business make in 2013

  • What would I change in last year’s business if I could

  • Did I do as much as I could have last year to grow my business.

Now is the time to decide what your business is going to look like 12 months from now. Sit down with pencil and paper and sketch it out. How many people do you want in your organization? Not only how much money do you intend to earn this year but also how much will you save. Putting pen to paper is key to planning your success for the new year. Goals only in the mind and not written down are nothing more than dreams.

Once goals are determined and put in writing, the next step is to create milestones or a time line for their accomplishment. You may want to start with modest results in the beginning months of 2014 and expect a compounding of your efforts as the months progress. After all, this is a building business. As you find more members to train in the duplication of your business, you should experience bigger and faster growth into the upcoming year.

What is key is to stop, step back and take an honest look at where you are and where you want to be. Many network marketers make the mistake of not facing the facts of the previous year. Many just hope thing will be different this year. As we have heard many times, hope is not a strategy. Real businesses are run with a plan or a strategy.  So this your time to make that plan for where you are headed after determining where you are to and where you came from.



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