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What to Say AskJimmyJohnson.comMany years ago before reading a book called “What to Say When You Talk to Your Self” by Shad Helmstetter, PhD., I had never paid any attention to what I had been saying to myself up to that point in my life. Notice that it does not say to yourself but rather to your self. The reason being is that there is a self, an entity within that drives us whether we are aware of it or not. That entity often referred to as the subconscious mind is our driving force and what it believes to be true is manifested in our lives.  Whether good or bad things are happening to us day by day or over the years, what we say to ourselves is displayed in our lives.
This is where a lot of people lose it. They will argue that no they did not bring this bad luck or bad economy on themselves and of course it is the reason for not doing well. But if they will step back and observe their words just for one hour they will find that there is plenty of outside programming that will influence their internal dialog. How many times today have you heard news on the worst economy since the great depression or the looming double dip recession? When you hear that news either by yourself or in the company of others the talk is that the economy is the reason for tough conditions and why no one wants to join your opportunity or purchase your products. But some of the harshest self talk occurs when people are alone in their thoughts. But think about it, it is proven over history that when people are buying into tough times news, that is exactly when they are looking hardest for alternative or extra sources of income.  They aren’t just looking for more work income or for of extra or part-time jobs, they are looking for opportunity.
Attending a seminar earlier this year I heard a statistic that there has been a 16% increase in millionaires in the past three years, during the so called recession. Similar events occurred during the depression of the 1930s. I am not denying times are tough but be aware that when the media sells a story long enough and enough people buy into it, it does become a reality of the masses and spirals out of control. People who know how to process stimulus will consciously filter and edit what enters their subconscious mind. Such as “the stock market is crashing to a four year low” they process “there are some great buying opportunities out there today, the market is on sale”. The uninitiated will state “I knew the stock market wasn’t safe” See how it works? You have to decide what you want to participate in. There are two sides to every coin. Are you going to buy into the doom and gloom or are you going to learn how to always find the silver lining, and then speak to your self accordingly?
If you’ve never read What to Say When You Talk to Your Self  or if you haven’t read it this year I highly suggest you get a copy for your library and share it with you team.


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