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In reality readers are leaders in every successful endeavor. If you have been involved in network marketing or MLM for any period of time someone has suggested you read at least one certain book. Have you noticed that when leaders are interviewed on TV that there is usually a book shelf or many book shelves filled with  books in their background. I used to think that was propped for show to display how smart they were. Some of that may be true but for the most part anyone who is in a position of power has done extensive reading. I read my first self-improvement book in 1986 by Zig Ziglar and since them have amassed over a thousand books most of which (not all) have been read.

Why Read?

Why should you want to read? Two sayings come to mind for me. One: You can not solve a problem with the same mind that discovered it.  The second saying solves the first: The mind expanded by a new idea can never return to its original dimensions. Take time to really think about those two sayings and understand that to become an effective leader you are going to have to do some growing. As a leader you will find yourself becoming the go to person for assistance and answers. A lot of time when people ask me certain questions I will actually suggest a certain book for them to read. I do this because they will do better to find the idea for themselves in that book, I do it to expand peoples’ minds and as a test. I want to find out if they are coachable and serious enough to actually go and read the book seeking the answer for themselves. Those that do are destined to become leaders. I also invite the person to get with me to discuss what they found for an answer in that book because they were willing to invest in themselves. and I have time for that kind of person. When we have those kind of discussions I benefit just as much, maybe more than they do. I know that I can always learn more.
People ask me all the time what I am reading and that is why I placed the Jim’s Reading page on the blog. Some people will just ask for reading recommendations and I have to ask them in return what is going on in their lives or business. Not all books have the same value to everyone at the same time. I decided to post a list of book I would recommend to just about anyone no matter where they are in their business building career. Take a look relow:


It was hard for me to keep this to a “short list”!
If you read all of the above books in pretty much that order you will find yourself growing into a very powerful person of influence and it can actually be done in less than a year, just sell your TV. Your mind can not help but be expanded. Just make sure you don’t get a big head. If you’re one of those people who says I’m a slow reader, fine just read a page a day then you can probably finish at least a book a year reading one page a day. One bonus to reading is that  lot of authors will reference a book that gave them an idea and you can add that book to you list of future books to read too.
If you have a lifetime to read (and you do),  you might want to take a look at and and print out a list of recommended reading by one of my mentors, John Maxwell. Here is what John considers recommended reading.
 Feel free to suggest books you’ve sound helpful and of value in the comments below.

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