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Ever had a boss tell you what he or she wanted? Ever been told how much good it would be for the company? Remember how that made you feel and the thoughts that may have shot through your mind? Of course being a team player is important but true leaders know how to keep themselves out of the picture and show the benefits for all. We’ve all been told that people only really care about what is in it for them. Remember everyone’s favorite station? WIIFM – What’s In It For Me?
As a group grows it is true that everyone will pull together for the team, right? T.E.A.M  Together Everyone Achieves More. But even when the team wins it is the individual satisfaction of being part of a winning team that is the motivating force.
When prospecting or working with new recruits, we may be motivated by the goodies that go along with building a big team, becoming a Big Dog and the compensation that it results in. Motivation is a fine thing, but in network marketing and really in any business, the only way we can truly have it all is by helping enough other have their all too.

Everything You Want

I tell the story a million times and here it goes again. In 1986, when I struggled from real estate sales into car sales, I got my hands on a book titled Secrets of Closing the Sale by Zig Ziglar. Great book which actually helped me make sales and get paid. In that first reading way back then, on the first page, the phrase that caught my attention was; You can have everything in life you want if you just help enough other people get what they want.
Now I interpreted that to mean that if I could show people how what I was selling would help them solve their problems or make them feel better that I could get paid. Well that was true for me based on the person I was then. As I grew in business and become responsible for other salespeople I had to learn the hard way that it also applied for the people who work for and with me. Somehow I was a pretty good boss but a lousy leader.
Think about it, who really wants to work for a boss? Not me! So why would we act like a boss when given the opportunity?  The answer is simple. Leadership skills have to be learned just like any other skill. There are not natural born leaders just as there are not natural born salespeople. The good news is that these are learnable skills just like any other.

The Easiest Way to Lead

The easiest way to lead is to keep the main thing of others the main thing. If you have not had leadership experience or training and are starting out in network marketing, you are in the right place. If you’ve been in MLM for some time and no one is following you then it may be time to take a look at how others perceive you. Is the spot light on others or on you? Do you even know the compelling reason for people joining your opportunity? If not it is never to late to learn. Don’t interview or interrogate your team members or prospects just work it into the conversation and then make a mental note till you can write it down.
Most people who are open to network marketing are probably trying to get away from a boss. Most will tell you they are not getting paid enough to put up with their work environment. So why would they willing to hang out for you for free? What value do you bring to others? Find out what your people want then work hard to help them get it. Then when times get tough you can always remind then why they are building their business. And then, you truly can have everything you want.


A great resource for me in developing my leadership skills came from studying the works of John Maxwell. I suggest starting with Develop the Leader Within You and then step up to Winning With People.  OH I would be remiss if I didn’t recommend the classics of all classics and a real easy read Pushing Up People by Art Williams.


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