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MLM Duplication AskJimmyJohnson.comIn network marketing, just like in franchising, as a business builder you are provided with a system that will help you to build your business without having to invent any wheels. As a matter of fact, in franchising you are absolutely not allowed to make major changes to the business plan provided to you by the franchise company. The thing that makes MLM and network marketing work for so many people is that all they have to do is plug into an already proven system of success. The system is kept as simple as possible because business growth and sales requires that little talent is necessary to achieve predictable and duplicatable results.  What you want to do is find ordinary people and plug them into an extraordinary system.
A big problem for a lot of networkers is that they will take a perfectly good system that works for everyone and has been proven over and over again Then they will put their personal touch on it and find that those watching and learning probably don’t have the talent of that extra touch. It is hard for a lot of leaders to stay away from the receipt that has worked for everyone else and not want to add their own “improvements”. Making any changes to a system is dangerous and could easily lead to complete business failure. New recruits have to be able to see their sponsor following an outlined system that others are following and getting results with. This not only adds to their belief and confidence level but ensure that if they do have struggles that the weak link can be identified and addressed.
Watch the leaders in your company and you will find that they just do the same thing over and over again. Till the are top earners and then you may find them putting together training for their team that they have found to get results while working with their team members while building their business. Again, a word of warning. Do not get caught up in the flavor of the month. Too many times I have seen direct sellers listen to a tape, watch a video or in a live seminar learn how they are doing it in another organization or another part of the country. You will never get long-term results if you keep changing what you expect of your people. They get enough of that on their jobs.
If you are one of the serious who want to build a strong organization, I would like to suggest and offer you access to some free MP3s that will provide you with some time-tested strategies that will help you grow as a leader and take your business to a higher level. I encourage you to keep learning just don’t tamper with the system till you a high six figure or seven-figure earner. Always remember, Simplify and Multiply, that is what network marketing is all about.

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