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Over the years, a lot of people have known about my involvement with network marketing since 1998. It is for that reason they continue to ask me, “what is the best MLM company for me?”  Until recently I have only been in two companies in a 13 year span, maybe two and half companies if you count my moral support to my better half and the company she represents.
But I don’t have an answer for that question. a little further down I will share with you a resource I keep my eye on because this is my industry and I recommend to others to do their own research. You see the reason I don’t have an answer for that question is because it is absolutely a personal call which depends on a person’s budget, tolerance for risk vs reward and certain offerings may work perfect for one personality and be a complete flop for another.
The biggest reason I can’t answer that question is because success in the long run does not rely on the company itself or its products or services. Having a strong leader, mentor or coach is much more important than the opportunity. However, the number one factor for success in MLM stares everyone in the mirror every morning and each evening.
When I look at network marketing I don’t just look at the opportunity to build a big business that pays big checks. I also look at the opportunity to grow as a person. It is my intention that people I work with have that opportunity to grow as well. The first word that comes to mind for me is integrity. If a person plans to have long term success in this industry then integrity is a must. I am not talking about the integrity to pay back a loan or be trusted around cash or assets. I am talking about being true to yourself.
A person of integrity considering  joining a MLM company has to ask themselves some important questions. First question is, is this a product or service I want to use and share with my friends and family? If not why sell it? Where would I like to see myself with this company five years from now and are others in or on track for that position now?

Making Money is Good

Making money in business is the right thing and a good thing to do. But, is that the only motivation for joining an opportunity? A more important question is, do I get turned on to or have that warm feeling about what is being offered? Do I see good coming out of this offering for those I get involved? Today it is too easy to be swayed by the money to be made and that means it is too easy to be swayed from opportunity to opportunity by the promise of bigger and faster paychecks.
Network marketing has been nearly reinvented by the introduction of the internet. I believe there is more opportunity than at any other time in the history of networking or direct selling. I also believe it is more important than ever to do your due diligence when researching an opportunity. There are more opportunities than ever and more research resources at the same time. If you pick he right company to start with, then when time become challenging as they sometimes do you probably won’t be swayed by the appearance of greener pastures.

Find “Your” Perfect Fit

Take the time to find that perfect fit. Don’t be rushed into making an on the spot decision. If you’re presented with legitimate opportunity today it should be just as much an opportunity tomorrow or next week if not better.  Ask yourself if you’re getting involved with people you would like to know even if it were not because of the opportunity.
Feeling good about the opportunity you represent and the people you are associated with is number one. That is when you become attractive to others looking for opportunity and leadership. When you find that right combination, then the money part comes naturally.
I mentioned above that I use a resource to keep an eye on what is happening with companies in this industry. I like a website called www.mlmrankings.com. It is not all inclusive, just a tool, one resource. the good news is MLMRankings is not affiliated with any MLM company and is not used as a marketing tool for any company. After nearly two years of looking for a new company to get involved with, I picked a company not even listed there. However, it did play a role in my choices.
Whether you are changing  companies or just entering the industry for the first time, understand that at the end of the day what people really buy into is you. What do prospects see when they look in your eyes and you are telling your story? Newbie or experienced, understand that you have to become the person that people want to be associated with. Even if you’re not there now, with network marketing, you are in the perfect environment to grow and become all you want to be.



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