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In 1998 I left an eleven year career in sales management in auto retail. My primary job evolved to helping turn around bankrupt or near bankrupt dealerships which we acquired. This meant recruiting the right talent and training them to sell with proven systems. To this date I still receive feedback of the successes that many who are still enjoying from their training and development. In 1996 I introduced our auto group to marketing on the internet. To this day it is one of the most impressive automotive networks online.

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It was in 1998 that I was introduced to network marketing. I immediately saw the potential to actually build a business for myself. It was obvious how the skills I had acquired could be put to use. In a short period of time I went from part time telemarketing to full-time network marketer. The phones were a fantastic experience for me because this was one type of selling I knew nothing about. It was a skill which came in handy once working my network marketing business full time.

In 1999 I started looking at the internet again and in my limited but spare time I found was to sell things and make online income. It was more of a hobby since my number one priority was using my past skills to build an organization that I could call my own. In 2006 events caused my resignation from that company. Looking for another opportunity I had it in my mind that it should allow for recruiting, training and marketing through the internet. I got in on the ground floor of a great company but within four years the economy had taken its toll and it closed its doors.

So I went back to earning online income and helping local business owners utilize the internet to promote their business and grow their customer base and revenues. Because I really enjoy helping others grow and develop their potential I have continuously kept my eyes on the network marketing industry.

Take full advantage of this website, feel free to comment or ask questions anytime.

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The FTC wants you to know and rightly so that I may be compensated for the recommendation of some products or services reviewed in this blog. I want you to know that I only represent products or services that are personally used by me.

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