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We’re hiring! Sexy Parties and Positions

CNN Money

In today’s economy, the press is actually giving attention to the potential of direct selling companies to put people back to work and earning income. Pure Romance has been expanding and offering opportunity since 1998.

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The MLM Startup Conference for Executives of Startup and Existing MLM Companies

Press release Sept. 23, 2011, 1:24 p.m. EDT

Professionalism of  the direct selling and network marketing industry continues. As reported in Market Watch, this past week the MLM Startup Conference was  held once again. It is the longest-running educational direct selling conference, hosted by the industry’s most-trusted leaders. As the most credible and long-standing direct selling conference in the United States, The MLM Startup Conference offers direct selling executives the opportunity to spend two days with real industry leaders. This conference has been in existence for over twenty years; being held three times per year.

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Not just a drink! Try Xango’s makeup line!

Salt Lake City, UT 9/20 8:13 am

It’s a refreshing drink… but did you know Xango also has a makeup line? I saw this TV news story from on the XanGo facebook page. Looks like an exciting addition to the XanGo product line for its direct sellers.

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New Nigeria Network Marketing Forum from Seamless Solutions Launches

Lagos, Nigeria (PRWEB) September 03, 2011

Seamless Solutions, a business consulting firm in Nigeria, has launched a new Nigeria network marketing forum at The goal of this Nigeria mlm forum is to provide a platform where successful mlm marketers share their best strategies and help other network marketers succeed.

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Sherman Unkefer Strategizes a Network Marketing Explosion in Brazil

Phoenix, AZ (OPENPRESS) August 21, 2011

Brazil is the third largest nation in the world for the network marketing industry, after the United States and Japan. It is for that reason that Sherman Unkerger announced plans to open large scale operations in Brazil within a year. Sherman is now establishing infrastructure in preparation for the start-up of new Brazilian business operations.

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Ampegy Appoints New Chief Sales Officer – August 23, 2011

Darren Jensen brings world-class management and expertise to Ampegy

Ampegy, a leading energy network marketing company, announced today that Darren Jensen has joined the company as Chief Sales Officer. As Chief Sales Officer, Jensen will concentrate on the Independent Representative life cycle with a focus on field development and new programs.

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New CRM Designed Specifically For Network Marketing Ripples The Waves In This Growing Business – Tuesday, August 16, 2011

If you listen to the really big leaders in this industry you will from time to time hear them mention using a customer service rep for follow up. Many top earners outsource this position and some even hire virtual assistants or on staff personal.
It appears a new company is filling this increasing needed niche with a service that will help network marketers and direct sellers to stay in constant contact with their clients, customers and prospects.
This new company is FIITFU which stands for Fortune Is In The Follow Up. The company was launched on May 1, 2011. Studies show 80% of sales take place after the fifth contact (and less than half of sales people don’t bother to follow up). So there is certainly a need to be filled in our industry.
Maybe the expense of hiring out your follow up is out of reach at this time, but it would be a great goal to work towards. This service could free up many hours for  recruiters and leaders to do what they do best which is build.

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My Social Income, Inc. Secures Top Mobile Marketing Executive for MSI International Sales Rollout

MarketWatch (press release) – Aug 9, 2011

Companies pursuing success know the importance of seeking great leadership. It appears corporate North America has recognized the leadership pool that can be found in MLM or network marketing leaders. My Social Income, Inc. has secured the expertise of Al Krauza to join forces with Russ Chaisson and Chase Consulting Group in spearheading an aggressive marketing campaign to millions of potential users worldwide.
Al Krauza is best known among his counterparts as a Network Marketer who garnered over $200,000 per month in revenues shortly after his acting on an opportunity. Within 18 months, Krauza led the company to a growth of $18 Million per month with a sales force of over 100,000 members.
I believe this will be the beginning of a future trend to look for leadership in the ranks of successful MLM and network marketing leaders.

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Sexy parties and positions

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