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If you’re not growing you’re dying – What are you reading today?


Magic of BelievingFor the new year, I am now reading one of my all time favorite books, The Magic of Believing, by Claude M. Bristol. This book tells you how to obtain, achieve, and become whatever you want in life. Written by a successful businessman who was a student of the power of the mind. The Magic of Believing explains in detail how you become what you think about most, why no amount of hard work will guarantee success, how to turn your thoughts into achievements, and how belief really makes things happen.
By studying ancient writing, Mr. Bristol learned how the subconscious mind worked to benefit man before it was even called the subconscious mind. He used its power to build success and wealth and taught others he knew how to do the same. Through his writings he was able to pass the knowledge on to many more who also testify to the power of his instruction.
If you want to see desired change in your business and in your life, I strongly recommend reading The Magic of Believing.   If you’re not for certain what it is you want  of how you want to live your life, the exercises in this book will help you identify your desires and create a blueprint for achieving what you really want  in all areas of your life.


Ask Jimmy Johnson Sell to Survive bookI am now reading  “Sell To Survive” by Grant Cardone. I first became aware of and associated with Grant Cardone back in 1996, when his training program was presented in a dealership where I was running the sales team. I signed us up and saw immediate results. After leaving the car business I lost touch of his career but recently found that he had blossomed into a super star. Notice I did not say anything about overnight success. Grant Cardone is the real deal who over the years has applied himself and became one of the industry’s best. He earned the right to tell people what they need to know. He is a business consultant, who you may have caught on the National Geographic Channel TV show “The Turnaround King'” He is also a bestselling author with four titles penned.
I am reading Sell To Survive because it is a book written for the times. Understand that we are totally in the selling business as MLM and network marketers. We sell ourselves and our opportunities to prospects every day. The thing I like most about this book is that it is written for getting results right now by developing the necessary attitude. Even though we don’t have to buy into the gloom and doom of the nightly or 24 hour news cycle, those we present to more than likely are. So we have to develop a success mindset that is strong enough not just for ourselves but also those around us.
This book is a favorite for sales people, but it’s also written for those that do not consider themselves salespeople but who want to achieve more success in their life. This book is about how to get more done in your life through selling and to show you how success is impossible without understanding the concepts of selling. What you’ll discover is:
  • Incredibly simple ways to sell any product or idea to anyone at any time.
  • How to get others to “buy in” and agree with your ideas and get behind you and help you.
  • Strategies that will insure you are successful in life and show you exactly how to get to where you want to go.
  • How to eliminate confrontation and end disagreements with just words and your attitude.
  • What the “greats” do to be persuasive.
  • The only reason people don’t like sales.
  • How to predict what others will do and say.
  • How to build trust, how to separate yourself from the average.
  • Why your prospect gets weird around money.
  • How to “hard sell” without using pressure.
This is a fresh look at selling and how to use this forgotten art in a respectful, ethical way to get everything you want in life no matter how bad the economy is. You’ll be able to Sell to Survive. You’re life depends on it!


Beyond Positive Thinking Ask Jimmy JohnsonRight now I’m reading Beyond Positive Thinking by Dr. Robert Anthony. I actually read this book at least once a year and it is my right now summer book. in this book Dr. Anthony is probably best know for his hit book “The Ultimate Secrets of Total Self Confidence”.  Beyond Positive Thinking is a no-nonsense formula for getting the results you want.
Dr. Anthony moved from Los Angeles to Australia many years ago. He passed away in 2009. I was fortunate, in 2005 thanks to a fantastic upline leader I was able to see Robert Anthony lecture live. Dr. Anthony had enough respect for that leader that he actually flew to California and presented us with a day of training. It was one of the most influential exposures I’ve had in my adult life. I continue to listen to his CD  set on deliberate creation and recommend it to all.
In the book you will learn that more important than positive thinking is right thinking. The real challenge for most is how to think. Thoughts in our mind are not to be confused with thinking. I believe it was Walter Wattles, author of “The Science of Getting Rich” who stated that thinking is the hardest work known to man and therefore most will not do it.
Anyone who has had exposure to success teachings has been told that our thinking creates our reality. This book provides the actual step by step process for becoming a real thinker and therefore be true masters of our fate.




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