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My number one priority is to support those in my networking business as well as this blog. I get a lot of request for answers to questions that I can not respond to because that alone would be a full-time business if not an actual job. I do have the time in a day to answer some questions and am now offering some of that time in either phone conversations or via email.  The biggest request I get are for how to get started in creating an online Attraction Marketing campaign as well as how to bring all of the pieces together of an online campaign.  Anyone can take the time to learn how to use blogs, social media, tracking and SEO tools if they just apply themselves to learn the mechanics of what is currently working. I must admit, that alone can be time consuming and I have been working on the internet since the 1990’s to get where I am now. I had to learn about a lot to narrow down to what was useful and what is not. Then there is the staying on top of what is changing weekly if not daily.

I have made a decision that I will take on a limited number of clients who can access me by phone or by email. Phone time will be $97.00 and hour and can be broken down into multiple sessions  rather than all at once. Email support with unlimited monthly access for $150.00 a month payable in advance via paypal.

I get a lot of inquiries about this free blog theme that I use called flexibility and am willing to set up your blog website to take advantage of Attraction Marketing for one time $197 which includes necessary phone and email support.

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