Why network marketers fail (part one)

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First off, let me say that anyone who gives MLM or network marketing a shot has a winner somewhere¬† inside looking to surface. I would like to believe that all human beings have that winner within. However, over the years I have seen too many people who have just been worn down by society and environment. How many have been programed since kindergarten to get good grades to be eligible for that "good" job? Psychologist tell us that for most individuals the core personality is in place somewhere between ages five and seven. That core belief system is a tough nut to crack, not impossible just tough. But that is beyond our scope for now. In network marketing we are concerned with those people who are willing to take a…
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What do you want? – Who cares?

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Ever had a boss tell you what he or she wanted? Ever been told how much good it would be for the company? Remember how that made you feel and the thoughts that may have shot through your mind? Of course being a team player is important but true leaders know how to keep themselves out of the picture and show the benefits for all. We've all been told that people only really care about what is in it for them. Remember everyone's favorite station? WIIFM - What's In It For Me? As a group grows it is true that everyone will pull together for the team, right? T.E.A.M¬† Together Everyone Achieves More. But even when the team wins it is the individual satisfaction of being part of a winning…
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Part Time Income Seekers

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Part Time vs Full Time Marketers After years of successful retail automotive sales management, I was attracted to and recruited into a network marketing company. After eleven years in the car business it was a fresh outlook on sales. I was working with a great company and some pretty talented people and felt right at home. The big emphasis in this company was to go full time as soon as possible and that is exactly what I set my sites on. Within six months I could actually call myself a full timer and left my transition job as a telemarketer. I was recruited by a brave lady who walked right up to me and started a qualifying conversation. She happened to catch me at just the right time. There was…
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