MLM leadership advice from Mary Kay

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As you can see in the photo to the left, Mary Kay Ash, founder of Mary Kay cosmetics advises "sandwich every bit of criticism between two layers of praise". The way it was explained to me was "kiss em, spank em, kiss em". So what does all of this mean? Well, as MLM leaders part of our job is to correct undesirable behavior. In direct sales or network marketing organizations this process will differ from a job environment. In a job the employee does just enough to keep from getting fired and the boss pays just enough to keep the employee from quitting. But the one who writes the checks has most of the leverage. It is easier to find someone to write a check for than to find someone…
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Over 40,000 Twitter Tweets for Network Marketing Success

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Today was a milestone for My Twitter account just went past 40,000 tweets today. It took about 18 months to accomplish this. Now did I sit around a computer for 18 months tweeting? No. I used a tool which not only did the tweeting for me day and night, seven days a week, it also found targeted followers for me. The tool is Tweetadder. If you should decide to use this tool, there are some cautions you should keep in mind. First you can load up a que with unlimited tweets to go out 24/7 or on a schedule you set. Be sure to have enough tweets in the file so that you are not repeating tweets throughout the day. This will get your account suspended for spamming in…
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Network marketing, direct sales and retail store closings

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I recently read an article "The 8 Retailers That Will Shut Down This Year" at Business Insider and did not give it too much thought until I went to Barnes and Noble this past weekend only to find it was shut down. It also happens to be in the same center as Best Buy which is also scheduled to close doors this year. Best Buy has complained for some time that people use them as a display showroom only to go home and make online purchases of the exact products they were holding in their hands at the store. We have recently saw Borders, Circuit City and others close their doors. Technology was the death of Tower Records. Some of what used to be the most solid and iconic retailers…
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Follow-up for MLM and network marketing success

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I just turned into the perfect example for why prospect follow-up is so important to your network marketing business building success. I have been following a direct sales company that is the fastest growing over the past six months. The company Solavei offers cell phone service for less than I pay on the same carrier, T-Mobile. Over a period of two weeks I checked the company out on various websites. Somewhere I entered my contact information to see a video that I wanted to watch. Naturally I started receiving follow-up emails. All this did was show me that there was a pretty decent follow-up system integrated in their prospecting sites. A few days ago I had a message on my phone and it was a personal call from a sponsor…
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How to pick up MLM customers

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I just received a request asking how to pick up MLM customers. There is nothing wrong with seeking buyers for your MLM and direct sales products. The best answer I have for this question is put emphasis on finding other people who are not only interested in owning what you offer but also interested in earning extra money exposing the product or service to others they may know. People do this all the time in the recommendation of what movie watch or which cell phone to use. The difference is they do not get paid for the word of mouth advertising they give. There are a lot of people who are looking to bring in extra income during their spare time. The bottom line though is exposure. The old saying…
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