Network Marketing Success and Timing

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It's all about timing! We've heard that before haven't we? Just a quick note to new network marketers and MLM business owners. Experienced marketers who aren't getting desired results might want to take note also. When we talk to a "hot" prospect, naturally we expect them to get started with us immediately. If you aren't thinking that way then chances are you're not attracting and recruiting the kind of and number of people you need to build a big organization. You must understand that a quality MLM or network marketing business has to be built on attraction more so than promotion. This is why Magnetic Prospecting has been such a huge success. We are the ones who have to become a representative or leader that prospects want to be associated…
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Who is Dani Johnson?

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I am not surprised that so many people ask me, who is Dani Johnson (no relation). She is not a newcomer to network marketing, business or success. I did not know of her myself till I heard her on a radio show earlier this year. So many people inquire, who is this overnight success? Dani is anything but overnight. Hers is a literal rags to riches story for sure. We can say it started at home as a small child and that would be the rags portion of the story. Starting out a single teen mom, high school drop out and living on the streets, that gives most of us a head start and annihilates all excuses. Today the rich Dani Johnson is one of the most sought after speakers,…
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