Down Economy? That’s Good!

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The billionaire and founder of Combined Insurance Company,  W. Clement Stone, who also founded Success Unlimited magazine, was famously known for saying, "That's good!" whenever anything happened, good or bad. Most of the time, of course, it was something good. But even when he learned of a near calamity, a deadly serious situation that would have sent a lesser man seeking cover, he would smile and say, "That's good." Then as his associates shook their heads in disbelief, he'd tear headlong into the problem and find what was good in it. Invariably, some elements in the situation could be turned to advantage, and he would find them and, more importantly, act on them. He lived, "every cloud has a silver lining". Today's news is dominated by the doom economy. History…
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Why join a network marketing or MLM company?

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A lot of people ask me, what do I tell people when they ask the question, "why should I join your network marketing company?"  The answer to that question is not as simple as it may seem on the surface. As a matter of fact I have seen more people blow out a viable prospect just because they didn't know how to answer it correctly. The biggest problem I see is that would be recruiters will answer that question by telling their prospect why "they" joined the opportunity. They will tell how great it is for "them". The recruiter will go on and on and on and never have a clue as to why their prospect passed and moved on. Remember always, "telling is not selling". The recruiter has done…
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Why network marketers fail (part one)

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First off, let me say that anyone who gives MLM or network marketing a shot has a winner somewhere  inside looking to surface. I would like to believe that all human beings have that winner within. However, over the years I have seen too many people who have just been worn down by society and environment. How many have been programed since kindergarten to get good grades to be eligible for that "good" job? Psychologist tell us that for most individuals the core personality is in place somewhere between ages five and seven. That core belief system is a tough nut to crack, not impossible just tough. But that is beyond our scope for now. In network marketing we are concerned with those people who are willing to take a…
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Picking the right networking or MLM company

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Over the years, a lot of people have known about my involvement with network marketing since 1998. It is for that reason they continue to ask me, "what is the best MLM company for me?"  Until recently I have only been in two companies in a 13 year span, maybe two and half companies if you count my moral support to my better half and the company she represents. But I don't have an answer for that question. a little further down I will share with you a resource I keep my eye on because this is my industry and I recommend to others to do their own research. You see the reason I don't have an answer for that question is because it is absolutely a personal call which…
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What do you want? – Who cares?

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Ever had a boss tell you what he or she wanted? Ever been told how much good it would be for the company? Remember how that made you feel and the thoughts that may have shot through your mind? Of course being a team player is important but true leaders know how to keep themselves out of the picture and show the benefits for all. We've all been told that people only really care about what is in it for them. Remember everyone's favorite station? WIIFM - What's In It For Me? As a group grows it is true that everyone will pull together for the team, right? T.E.A.M  Together Everyone Achieves More. But even when the team wins it is the individual satisfaction of being part of a winning…
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