YES Energy Loreal Langmeier book AskJimmyJohnson.comOne of my favorite books that I read last year was, The Millionaire Maker, written by Loral Langmeier. The book was not written for MLM or network marketing per se. however, Loral understands the power and independence of working from home or a home based business.  In the book Loral pushed the book pushed the notion that we all have some talent that we can put to work and be successful in business. Nowhere is this more true than as with direct sellers and network marketers. She walks the reader through a process of finding what you’re good at then putting those skills to work. She also, teaches how to think differently about money, not just making money but how to put money to work to create even more wealth. This is a very important concept for network marketers who start making considerably more money than they may have in the past. I have seen this to be a challenge in all industries where an increase of income occurs rapidly.
Today, I received an announcement of a new Loral Langmeier book being released call Yes! Energy “The Equation to do Less, Make More”. Although this book is probably not written with the network marketer in mind I am sure that we can all benefit from learning more about Yes energy. In a recent entry I wrote about that inner energy and how we pretty much bring into our lives what we think about most. This is not a new concept to anyone who is familiar with the Law of Attraction.
In the promotion of her book, Loral ask the question: “have you ever wondered how some entrepreneurs stay one step ahead of the competition? How easy it is to be able to make more money and still have time to travel, enjoy family and friends, and live a fulfilled life? Doesn’t that sound like a major influence for why we enter the direct selling industry? I have pre-ordered the book and will give a complete review once I have read it.
Who is Loral Langmeier? You may remember her from the movie “The Secret”. Check out her short video and see why this is the kind of influence that will benefit the growth of your MLM or network marketing business.

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Blogging for MLM and network marketing success

top50mlmblogs That MLM Beat Banner AskJimmyJohnson.comIf you have been following this blog for any period of time, by now you understand the power of magnetic sponsoring also referred to as attraction marketing. One of the most powerful tools for MLM recruiting and sponsoring online is the use of an online blog. Even if you are new to direct selling, there are some skills that you possess that you could share with others and they would actually want to know all that you have to teach. Because there are many skills required to be successful in building a MLM or network marketing business, we can all learn from each other since we all have varied experiences and talents to bring to the table.
Many people contact me about starting their own blogs and I usually refer them to the wordpress website or even to MLSP as a starting point. Today I’d like to make another recommendation. A contest recently started at Top 50 MLM Blogs.  When you visit that site you will find a contest where you can actually vote for this blog to be among the top 505 MLM blogs and at the same time join the site and start your very own business blog. You will find video instruction on how to get started and your blog will be hosted for you using the workpress platform. It is a great opportunity to not only start your own blog but also learn how to in the process.
At some point you will certainly want to create a stand alone blog with your own hosting and with a more personal or customized look to create your own branding. For now this a the perfect opportunity to get started blogging about what you have to say about MLM , direct selling and network marketing success.

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Training for MLM and network marketing success

How to MLM AskJimmyJohnson.comSince the early days of direct selling, MLM and network marketing, training and education has been a major foundation of success in this industry. Leaders who start building an organization and sponsor people understand that their best thinking has gotten them where they are up to that point when they first meet them. Therefore, it is important that a good sponsor and a good company start changing the thought patterns of new recruits as soon as possible. It was Albert Einstein who said, “we cannot solve a problem with the same mind that discovered it”. It has also be said that the mind expanded by a new idea can never return to its original dimensions, This is the value that a good leader, sponsor or coach brings to new recruits.

The point is that, training new and seasoned people to think like business owners and the principles of success is absolutely necessary to build a successful network marketing organization. A good MLM company and good leadership will offer various forms of training, anywhere from one on one to group and recorded media training. The leader’s goal is to help others to not only become possibility thinkers but also develop a belief system that will cause team members to take action, working towards goals. We train by showing other success people as examples, showing that it can be done and asking “why not you?”. We help people set goals because we know when they have a big enough WHY they will figure out he HOW.

Videos provided today by companies and leaders are fantastic. Audio training on CDs is more available than at any other time in networking history. The strongest training by far is still a good book. Reading requires active attention by the reader and by highlighting and making notes the knowledge is retained longer and more likely to be put to use. If you have been following this blog you are aware of my recommended list of reading. It is the leader’s responsibility to have read good books and be able to pass on recommendations to those sponsored. Reading just like recruiting and producing is all leading by example.  If you are new to network marketing, be sure to ask your upline what books they would recommend. You can also find excellent books on my Readers are Leaders list.

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I got a lot of response from those who missed yesterday’s live webinar on “Unlimited Leverage for Network Marketing Success” I should point out that these live webinars are provided by MLSP or My Lead System PRO each and every week. There are nearly three years of archived webinars by some of the industry’s top performers and earners from various MLM, direct selling and network marketing companies. The principles they share are proven to work in any opportunity. Bottom line is, regardless of your company, this industry really is a people business. What these leaders teach each week is how to build huge organizations with lots of people and how to utilize the internet to collapse time frames with attraction marketing.
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If you are truly serious about wanting to grow into the type of leader who can amass a huge organization and have people literally chasing you down to be part of your team then you can not afford to miss our weekly live weekly training webinars. Get registered right now for this week’s upcoming live training. To get register go HERE.



Unlimited Leverage for Network Marketing Success

One powerful principle used by all successful people is the strength of leverage. Leverage is defined as:
  • power or ability to act or to influence people, events, decisions, etc.; sway: Being the only industry in town gave the company considerable leverage in its union negotiations. Synonyms: advantage, strength, weight; clout, pull.
  • the use of a small initial investment, credit, or borrowed funds to gain a very high return in relation to one’s investment, to control a much larger investment, or to reduce one’s own liability for any loss.
As we grow a network marketing team into a huge organization we certainly have the power or ability to influence other people.  Our  small initial investment of time to find and train business partners and other leadership will certainly return a high gain on out efforts.
Leverage Building image AskJimmyJohnson.comAs you can see in the illustration above, as we start to build our networking business, we use what we have already built to increase what we are in the process of building. In our MLM or network marketing businesses we use leverage of time by using leverage of people. We build our businesses by plugging like minded people into a system that allows them to build a business themselves which in turn builds our business. This is the complete opposite of plugging people into a job where their efforts earn them a paycheck or compensation but only builds the business of the employer or business owner. In network marketing, everyone has the same incentive to work at building the business.
Time is leveraged because when more people are sharing the work load, more work gets done in the same amount of time. This is how business works. You could own a hamburger stand and make the best burger in town one at a time, but if the guy across the street hires five people to flip and sell burgers during lunch hours, he will out sell you and be a more profitable business.
Keep in mind that when you decided to build a network marketing organization that you probably got involved because you could build a business. A network marketing business frees up your time by allowing others to work with you in building theirs and your business at the same time. That is the power of leverage.
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