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Over the years I’ve found the following online and network marketing business tools that I am personally using to create success in my own home-based business and highly recommend:

  • Prosperity Central: Never before has one tool done so much to help you make more money. And it works with any company, any opportunity, any team or individual. Prosperity Central makes massive action with minimal effort possible through the most cutting edge lead generation, presentation, recruitment, team building, and back-office tools available. It will, quite simply, change the way you build your business. Experience the difference for yourself.

  • MLSP: MyLeadSystemPro, in my opinion is like having assistants, programmers, out sourced marketers and some of the smartest minds working for you 24/7. You could not afford to hire the systems and support team that comes along with MLSP. In my early years of networking this was absolutely the missing ingredient in my business. When I started in network marketing people were still asking what is email. Today as a network marketer without MLSP it is the same as someone without email or the internet. Believe it or not there are still people out there without internet or email. Don’t be one of those network marketers without MLSP unless MLM is your hobby and you have zero intention of building a profitable business. You just have to check it out for yourself and you can do so with a two week test drive. You must experience this for yourself. It is not optional. Visit: MLSP

  • Aweber: You must stay in touch with your people and there is no better way to do that than with an auto-responder. Whether it is your team, prospects or customers your people must hear from you always. I have used Aweber since 2006. It is simple to use and has never let me down. Word of advice: When you sign up, you are given to the option to set up with or without the double or confirmed opt-in option. Choose the opt-in on or off option. That way you have a choice with each campaign individually. Once you set up your account you can not go back and change it. If you’re not quite sure what that all means just go the Aweber site and you will find excellent video seminars on this and many other topics. When you’re ready to get started the first month is only $1.00

  •  Mike Dillard Magnetic Sponsoring: Do you think a guy who has generated over 20 million dollars in online and network marketing in five years could assist you? Would you listen to him if he gave you  access to seven FREE videos to learn how to attract new prospects to you! YES, rather than chasing prospects what if they came to you and actually paid you even if they didn’t join you in your business. Find out why 95% will not join you and what you can do about it. These free videos will show you how you can literally have an endless new stream of distributors knocking down your door, credit card in hand, ready to join you. You have to check out these videos here.

  • domains and hosting. If you’re marketing online, you will need to purchase domains. They are not expensive and can be purchased through many domain providers.  is a GoDaddy reseller with all the same products and services but with a slight discount and money saved is money earned. They offer the best customer service, available 24/7  which can be very important when you have questions or have an issue, early in the morning or in the middle of the night. When purchasing domains or hosting, use!

  • Todd Falcone: Todd Falcone a networking marketing professional with over 21 years of experience is considered one of the best in teaching prospecting and recruiting.  Although MLSP is a tool which leverages your recruiting efforts via the internet, you will still need to know how to speak and interact with real human beings. Todd provides a wealth of information you can put to use to grow your business and downline. Visit here and instantly receive a simple but powerful script you can begin using right now to experience explosive growth, REAL results, and more money in your MLM at no cost to you. Visit The Fearless Networker.

  • Black Belt Recruiting: If you have ever struggled picking up the phone and knowing what to say to hot prospects or new recruits then you need to check out Black Belt Recruiting. Take advantage of a free hour-long interview with the master of sponsoring distributors, Mark Wieser. Learn how to avoid the top three mistakes most make and the most important question you must ask every prospects. Also, learn the only reason people will join you in business. This free video will reveal how to sponsor 20 reps a month with any company. Get instant access here!

  • Danni Johnson: What You Really Need To Know To Make BIG MONEY In Your Home Based Business! Would you like to know, step-by-step, how to increase your income no matter where you are in life? What about a how-to for achieving your goals and living your dreams, year after year?  If you share these desires, join the hundreds of thousands who have done exactly that and so much more. What I have benefited from most is the subject of Law of Promotion secrets that will instantly increase your value to those around you, while turning yourself into a literal people, money and success magnet! If you haven’t worked on yourself lately this is a great resource to raise you value to the next level. FREE MP3



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