Listeners are leaders

About two years ago I friend was looking at my library and suggested that I should start listening to my books on Audible. It was almost like an insult. I was shoiwng him my over thirty year collection of books and he was talking about listening rather than reading. It was a loss of eye sight that drove me to start listening to books on Audible. It did not take long for me to appreciate the power of this amazing tool. I startled with books that I know well and find value in. I was amazed and am a converted believer forever.

I will still read the classics from my book shelved library but the biggest benefit to listening on Audible is the convivence of anywhere, anytime. Many years ago I enjoyed driving around listening to tapes or carrying my Walkman while listening through headphones. But as a book reader, I enjoyed being able to highlight and make notes on book pages. Well I still have those books and the many notes to refer back to at anytime. Now I enjoy reviewing past reads through audible and if I want to give a new interesting sounding title a try it is a lot easier while on the go or next to the pool. 

With today’s Bluetooth technology I can listen from my Alexa, through my big screen TV and even my smart watch and smart phone. The convenience is amassing. I find a much better use of time where I might otherwise be sitting and waiting where read is not practical. A word of caution, don’t look at this as a way to multi-task. Listening to the written word takes the same concentration as reading from actual paper pages.  

If you haven’t tried Audible yet I would suggest starting with a title you are familiar with. Then compare how you enjoy listen to your favorite read to listening to the same title. I see from time to time Amazon who owns Audible will offer a new user one and sometimes two free trial books in order to get you to fall in love with the service. You can check out Audible here