Tony Robbins on Network Marketing

Tony Robbins and Eric Worre on value in network marketing business

A must read for anyone interested in the profession of network marketing is Go Pro – 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional by Eric Worre

  • Business ownership is not for everyone
  • A decision has to be made to go into business
  • Tony actually will discourage people from going into business
  • Few people have all the skills necessary to builds and run a successful business
  • Building from scratch or building existing is hardest way to be in business
  • Skilled people mistakenly believe their one or two skills will allow them to run a successful business
  • Every year 50% of all businesses will fail – Five years later 80% fail and after ten years only 4% still in business but not necessarily making money
  • Network marketing gives all of the benefits business ownership without taking on all the risk
  • Accounting, warehousing, distribution, are handled by the network marketing corporation
  • Technology makes real time information available on the go provided by the company to the distributor
  • We do well in the network marketing profession by bringing value to the lives of others
  • Not all products are best sold on Amazon, they need the human element, the story to be told
  • The ability to leverage distribution which will pay out passive and even residual income
  • Low levels of risk
  • Network marketer should professionalize in the industry just as any other professional does
  • Does not take long to make money and enjoy return of low cost start-up costs

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