Nobody wants to sell

When people say they don’t want to sell, what they are really saying is they don’t want to come across as pushy to their friends and family. True selling is the complete opposite. Good salespeople listen to what is important to those before them. They ask good questions to make sure they understand the needs of their prospects and offer feedback and suggestions.

The real problem with the perception of selling in network marketing is how recruiters, leaders and uplines try to mask the fact that there will be some selling taking place in network marketing (Why do you think they call it direct sales)? Many times this is because the leader has a low image of selling and salespeople. This is only because they may have been misrepresented on the subject of sales. This fear of calling selling, selling may be multi-generational. If an upline or leader is not properly trained in the necessary sales skills with a correct attitude of success through selling, then proper selling skills can not be passed on through the downline team.

The biggest hang-up to growth is the attitude and inability of direct and upline leadership to train their teams. All results, whether successful or failed come from attitude. Attitude and activity is the only thing any of us have control over. So let’s dig in and learn how to become more productive and influential leaders for those who trusted us with their time, money and future