No speed limits in network marketing

If you’re like me, you probably don’t like speed limits. However, increased speeds require increased skills. In network marketing a person can join a MLM company with zero knowledge, skills or experience (like I did) and develop at their own speed without judgement. This is where I start talking to leaders or those moving into leadership positions. It must never be forgotten that a network marketing organization is filled with volunteers. Every seat is occupied with a person who is showing up without a guarantee to earn a single cent. However, there are people who show up week after month after year. A good leader will learn how to identify their team member’s WHY. What motivates a person show up? This conversation should be had with anyone joining your direct organization. Notice I did not say interrogation. Learn the skill of asking questions in a caring manner. If yoiu are going to be an effective leader, you must approach everyone you come across in your organization as a person that needs you. 

Your people do need you. When people show up for your events or are out doing business they are away from their job (maybe a good thing) or separated from their family (probably not a good thing) You better know what their WHY is and develop the skills to help them get what they want. I know I am wearing this out but remember what Zig Ziglar said repeatedly; “You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want”. Not everyone shows up to make six and seven figure incomes. Some people on your team show up to get the recognition and encourage that they will never receive on their nine to five, They may want to belong to something good and bigger than themselves. As network marketing  leaders we have no right to expect minimums out of our people. We are blessed by each person that shows up because we never know when they may have an ah ha moment and then look out. I have watched good people chased off the team by ridicule for not having any numbers to show or for being at the bottom of the list. People can go clock in for that. Why do they show up to your organization. You better find out.

It is the leader’s responsibility to get a little bit better every day. Read about leadership and coaching. Study selling to pass on skills that will help your people win when they are face to face, belly to belly with prospective buyers or future team makes network marketing the greatest thing happening on planet earth, it’s all about the people.