Don’t beat them up

In the old school of prospecting to recruit new members of a network marketing team, leaders instructed their team mates to go out every day, all day and talk to people. Everybody in sight was a candidate for joining the MLM team. But of course you would start out by burning through what was affectionally referred to as a “warm market”. It took no time at all for for that warm market to turn cold as ice.  People would put the warning calls out to avoid the new network marketer. 

The only thing left to do for the marketers still standing was to start hunting strangers in all placed public and to fish business card bowls for telephone power hours. It was brutal and very difficult to duplicate. I am speaking from experience. I actually got quite good at it. However, I still dreaded going out and doing my job. That is exactly what it felt like, a job. 

Here was the real breakdown. What to say when someone would actually show interest. In the early 2000s we only had three way phone calls with an upline or getting people to show up for a “corporate overview” All we knew was that JOBs were bad Just Over Broke, because that is what were working out way out of. I actually did so and was full time network marketing. 

Where was were missing the boat was treating everyone like they should hate their jobs and working for a boss. Experience teaches us that the most satisfied employees actually make the best team members in network marketing. They tend to have a positive to look at life and when presented with the benefits of building a network marketing business on a part time or spare time based, they become open minded enough to listen to the opportunity. 

On of my most successful recruits was very excited about leaving a nasty \ labor job. However, his wife was quite content with a steady paycheck coming in every other Friday. He would have never enrolled if he had gone home talking about quitting his job. Sitting with husband and wife sharing our products that would benefit the entire family caught her attention. Because they were offered the opportunity to start working with me on a spare time basis without threatening the guaranteed pay check Mrs. Enrollee gave here blessing on going our business.

When paychecks started coming in from our company, she encouraged putting more time and he eventually became full time with us and she actually joined too creating a power force through the power of partnership. As an old timer mentor used to say “We have to go into their zone before we can bring them into our zone”.

when people turn down a business opportunity, speak their language with a “little extra part time income”. Nearly everyone is open to a little extra cash each month. Just an extra $100 a week can have a huge impact on a family budget. Most people would be involved in making some extra cash each month if their schedule would allow for it. Remember to suggest making that little extra cash on their own terms. Once people get a taste of extra money without breaking their backs they become very open minded to taking the next step of building a little side enterprise. Encourage them to start with baby steps. 

This information pretty much applies to those who don’t have a real knowledge pf the network marketing business model. Yes, out of nearly 150 million workers in the United States there are plenty of people who have not been approached by a MLM enroller. For those who have been approached or even joined at least one networking company we will address how to approach them in a later post. Network marketers have enrolled with at least four or five companies. That tells us they believe in and have bought into the business model. Surveys tell us they are in search of leadership they can trust in.  It is the purpose of Ask Jimmy Johnson to build leaders who can build successful marketers who can be molded into effective and highly compensated leaders.