Explaining Cashflow Quadrant

An old timer networker once told me, ‘we be to go into our prospect’s zone before we can bring them into our zone”. I say this because I’ve watched many people use the Cashflow Quadrant as an example of why a person should consider building a network marketing business. Because so many leaders are reluctant to use the S word (sales), the professional sales word “qualification”  is seldom used in recruiting talk. 

One thing I’ve noticed is that prospectors who have completely bought into the network marketing method of earning income, feel like everyone does or should feel that exact same as they do.  NEWS FLASH! Some people actually like their jobs, their boss and the work they do. A networker full time or part time will give the exact same presentation that sold them on the network marketing model for earning money.

We have found that the best prospects for joining a network marketing company do not hate their jobs but realize they are not fulfilling their potential. Those who express dislike for their work place are most likely to express their dislike for their new found company, leadership, team mates compensation, etc. With proper qualifying questions we can identify if they have a positive or negative outlook on their world. Inviting a Negative Norman into your environment is like inviting cancer into your family. 

Find out what your prospects like about what they are currently doing and what they would like to see improved. (Notice I did not say what they don’t like). Ask open ended questions. This will give you some insight into their personality. Remember the new absolute about recruiting into your network marketing team, we don’t want to recruit the entire world. We should have a narrow focus on who our target prospect is. Since so many of our distributors are also great cheerleaders for our products and services, they are best suited for sharing their experience with others and their excitement energy should be transferred to those who take the time to listen to them. 

Bringing people on board who are only motivated by the dollar signs in their eyes rather than an appreciation of the value from your products, services and company is asking for disaster. Those motivated by a quick buck or fast money are short term visitors and not worth the potential fallout the will probably leave behind not only with customers but also with other team members. 

Learn if you are sitting with someone who is motivated by the opportunity to build a business part-time with the ability to make it a full-time enterprise. Could you be in front of someone who just needs a few extra hundred dollars coming into the household budget (as so many do). Not everyone can see themselves owning their own business. Take baby steps. Remember, we have to go into their zone before we can bring them into our zone.  

Grab some napkins or pieces of paper and learn how to explain the above four quadrants of the cashflow quadrant. During your presentation, watch your prospect for their reaction to your explanation of the various quadrants. 

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