No time for business

This is how we layout the Tech

The author in a recent Inc article claims to have been a business consultant for over 25 years. He does not claim to have ever built a business of his own. He says business owners who are actually in the trenches are a “little skeptical” of his advice as well they should be. He admits that most are short of time. He does recommend leveraging time by delegating to employees. The challenge is that he is recommending delegating to employees. A good leader in business can pull this off. Experience has taught me that good leaders necessary to scale into a large business are more rare than you would think. The biggest challenge is that many who call themselves in business actually own their own job. You will find them saying things like “if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself” They either stagnate where they are or micro manage their managers through a revolving door. In Robert Kiyosaki’s book Cashflow Quadrant he identifies these people as in the S quadrant

Duplicating of self in business is the only way to grow a business. The challenge for owners is the employee. It takes good employees that take pride in the business to grow that business and good management other than the owner. If the owner has to be present for the business to run properly then the owner owns his or her own job, not a true business. 

If you could learn how to properly explain this solution to brick and mortar business owners, even those who are fulling successful, growing businesses they would jump all over out better way. They went into business because they had a dream only to find themselves many times in a nightmare. The true dream business if the network marketing business model. Network marketing is designed for business building without all of the restraints of box stores. First of all there are no employees. We have team members who function like employees but they are not on our payroll. The company we represent writes their paychecks. They actually operate as business partners because they are. As leaders we show them how they can build their own business within our business with our support.

We do not have to fear they will grow so big they will run off taking our people and opening shop down the road. we want them to go out and expand nosiness that they can call their own with our blessings and support because our parent company will pay us to help others launch expansion. You won’t find that in brick and mortar business. Even upper management will suppress the growth of those below them in fear of being replaced or passed up for promotion. As the MLM leader we do not have to micro manage others. Our job is to train them to proficiency and then find more people to help grow the company. As far as leveraging, we find one  who find one and we have two and as they duplicate with our support 2 becomes 4 then 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1028 you get he picture. 

We represent companies that are looking to expand globally at a rapid rate and the best business model for that is network marketing. We carry no inventory, we never train out own competition, our team members treat our business like it’s their business because it is.; All that is required of us is to get the word out there. The message to the public is what our products and services can do for them. We also let everyone know that there is a better way to earn income and that there is an easier ay to be in a real business. 

It is very important to learn how to communicate this concept to everybody but especially to those already suffering with employees, payroll, inventory and all forms of overhead. People need to know that we have a much better way of doing business. It is up to you to carry the message but more importantly, teach your people how to share the message.